When you’re lying on your deathbed, nobody cares if you’ve got a million bucks in your bank account.

It’s certainly not coming to save you or give you true meaning during your final breaths.

If your kids are more excited about the financial inheritance you’ll leave than they are saddened by your death…

You’ve failed.

Too many fathers spend their time building and collecting ultimately meaningless assets like financial wealth, cars, social status…

And they forget that the only legacy that truly matters is their family.

Did you cherish every moment and every year with a wife who respected and supported you at every turn?

Will your children grow to be strong, capable, resilient, loving human beings who look up to you and give thanks that you are their father?

Did you wake up every day of your life giving thanks for the blessings you’ve received as a man, husband, and father?

If not, it’s time to get a grip and make a change.

Putting your family on the backburner leads to:

  • Divorce
  • Kids with serious issues (drugs, therapy, entitlement, directionlessness, and worse)
  • Kids who grow up and leave your house and never call you again
  • Daily misery as your failure and home-life struggles beat up on you, no matter how much you try and hide it with business, busyness, or booze.

I don’t tell you this to condemn you. There’s always hope.

But I do tell you this to scare you.

Because we only get one chance as fathers.

And our children’s entire lives are literally impacted by how we treat them every day.

And the thing is…

They don’t stop growing just so we can sort ourselves out. Every moment matters.

Dad.Work exists to help dads become world-class men, husbands, and fathers, with a legacy that truly matters…before it’s too late.

None of us got a parenting and marriage handbook (let alone a “how to be a man” handbook). And it’s a tragedy, because nothing is more important.

We’ll give you the handbook you’ve been looking for.

Dad.Work is the hands-on training ground you need to succeed as much as a man, husband, and father, as you do as an entrepreneur, executive, or leader.

Stop feeling like a failure everytime you walk in the door. Get rid of the guilt and shame that comes from yelling at or disconnecting from your kids. Quit being roommates with your wife.

You need a massive vision that goes beyond dollar signs.

You need the communication skills, emotional mastery, and intimacy ability to have a marriage that excites you every moment of the day.

You need to know what your kids actually need from you and how to give it to them.

You are the man, the husband, and the father your family relies on, and it’s time to start shouldering that burden with pride, dedication, and confidence.

To your family, you are irreplaceable.

You must do more, be more, love more if you’re going to have a chance at keeping your influence over them and living a life most men only dream of…especially in this insane, distracted society.

Dad.Work helps you become the unshakeable foundation upon which your family can build the life of their dreams.

There is nothing more satisfying as a man.

It’s time to learn how to GRATEFULLY and JOYFULLY bear this burden and find more meaning and satisfaction in your life than you ever thought possible.

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