My own journey is a testament to how far you can go alone…

But even more, it’s a testament to the fact that you simply cannot go all the way without a group of men who have your back, care about you, and challenge you on your BS.

You need to stop lone-wolfing your life.

Dads need brothers, not bros.

Join the Dad.Work Brotherhood, and secure your spot in a weekly meeting where you’ll become an elite man, husband, and father with the help of the other men in the group, and the coach who facilitates each meeting.

What other dads are saying:

What you get:

  • Weekly, 90 minute meeting with 10 other men, where you’ll be seen, heard, supported, and challenged in a way that you have never experienced before
  • Group chat to connect with the men between meetings and get on-demand support
  • Access to a Dad.Work coach and facilitator who will expertly guide each meeting and provide individual feedback for you to grow as a man, husband, and father
  • The life-changing experience of having a group of men who love you, care about you, and want the best for you, without the fluff, BS, or small-talk
  • A space for you to share anything on your mind and heart without fear of condemnation or backlash
  • Real-time advice and support from the men in your group on everything from parenting, marriage, masculinity, legacy, leadership, business, and impact

What it looks like:

  • One 90-minute meeting each week via Zoom
  • Maximum of 10 men in each group
  • 26-week (6 month) container
  • Group chat with the men
  • Monthly topics, weekly processes, space to share literally anything you need to share
  • Facilitated by an expert Dad.Work coach, who is also a husband and father and has done this work himself


Membership in the brotherhood is $1200 for the entire 6-month container, or $250/month for 6 months.

How to apply

Fill out the application form

Someone from the Dad.Work Team will send you a text and/or get on a quick phone call with you to confirm that we are a good fit

Invest in the future of your family, and begin.

More feedback from the men:

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