Stop Feeling Like A Failure and Become The Man, Husband, and Father You Dream Of Being…

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Get personalized, one on one support to become an epic man, husband, and father.

Curt is the founder of Dad.Work and has helped hundreds of men – including himself – get unstuck and become great dads.

I am sure you hear and see these metamorphosis of men on a regular basis but for me this is (not to be too cliché) life altering. Again, I just wanted to thank you from a very deep and sincere place in my heart. I only hope I can return the favor or offer you something in return as I feel truly in debt to you!

I was a TERRIBLE husband and father for the first few years of my journey.

My wife threatened to leave me and my kids were literally scared of me.

It almost cost me everything. My family, my business…even my life.

Fatherhood, marriage, and generally being a good man…

…the most important things in life…

…are never taught to most of us.

It took me YEARS, countless hours, and who knows how much money to figure it all out.

But I did. My wife of 10+ years now adores me, my kids listen to me and respect me, and I now wake up every day full of gratitude and excitement, not stress and anxiety.

Now I’m blessed to be able to share this work with other fathers out there who, like me, never learned how to do this stuff…and I’m excited to help you take massive action to succeed in weeks, not years.

Coaching with Curt Storring of Dad.Work is your chance to get supported, challenged, and trained on how to show up as an epic man, husband, and father.

Whether it’s a specific issue you need help navigating, or an entire overhaul of how you show up in your life, I’m committed to sharing all of the tools and skills I’ve picked up along the way.

And, I’ll hold you accountable for what you say you want to get done, so there will be nowhere to hide. No more excuses.

If that scares you, good. That means this is probably the right step.

Why Coaching with Dad.Work?

Fast-track your success as a man, husband, and father with an expert guide.

Start rebuilding the trust you’ve lost in your family.

Stop doing the things that drive your wife and children away.

Be seen, heard, supported, and challenged by a man who has real-world experience working with dads, and turning his own life around.

Get direct feedback on a specific issue in your life so you can move forward and solve it.

Get to the root of WHY you do the things you do, so you can heal them and move on.

Learn the tools, skills, tactics, and practices I’ve used to go from an angry, lonely, boy-trapped-in-a-man’s-body to a calm, confident masculine leader.

Have someone on your side, in your corner, holding you accountable to make the changes you need to make to be great.

What Does A Coaching Session Look Like?

Each session we dedicate 1 hour to your growth and development. Sessions are done over Zoom.

Most men commit to at least 1-3 months of coaching for maximum effect and accountability.

You’ll get a chance to share what’s real for you, and I will ask questions, provide direct feedback to point out blind spots, give exact steps for how to improve your relationship and parenting skills, and hold you accountable to specific tasks each week.

However you wish to use your session, the point is that I will be there to support, challenge, and guide you through whatever you are going through.

You must be in a position to make a financial investment in your growth.

I didn’t feel like a dad before and I was getting frustrated and angry with my family and myself without knowing the deeper why of my anger. After working with my therapist and Curt and the group, I feel like a great dad for the first time in 5 years! I now have the mental tools to love my son and hold space for him, even when he’s having a meltdown, and that is worth every drop of the work.

How To Book A Coaching Session with Curt

1. Tap the button below and fill out the application form

2. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call

3. If it’s a good fit for both of us, we’ll book your first coaching call

You must be in a position to make a financial investment in your transformation.


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