Community Code of Conduct

Boundaries create freedom by holding back what is not welcome, and protecting what is within. Therefore, there are a few basic, but important, agreements each member makes before he joins our community.

Our members agree to be held to a high standard to ensure the community remains a supportive place for you to fellowship with other Christian fathers becoming role models and godly family leaders. What follows are the principles that guide and inspire our community.

Give more to your fellow dads than you ask from them

I could go on and on about it being better to give than receive, about sowing bountifully and reaping bountifully, etc., but the point is that if we all agree to hold each other to high esteem, and give more than we expect to receive, we raise the tide of the entire community, and we all benefit.

Strict confidentiality

Keep the community private, unless you’re inviting a fellow Christian father into the group. But even then, you will not share anything said by another man inside the group. All profiles contain real photos and names. We respect and encourage our members to share. Breaching this code will result in immediate removal, no refund, and potential further action.

Prioritize experience (and God’s word) over hearsay or opinion

While we highly encourage sharing resources with one another, we want to hear your lived experiences and lessons learned. The most valuable discussions happen when we share things we’ve actually gone through.

Give your brothers the grace of the benefit of the doubt

Don’t pick apart someone’s comment or assume the worst. Be graceful, forgiving, and seek mutual understanding. If you think a brother is walking in a way that is not in keeping with the will of God, gently encourage him privately before making a public deal of it.

Be respectful and courteous with all your interactions

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. – John 13:35

Forum Moderation

The DadWork forum is moderated daily.

Our team follows up on all reported posts and comments. Only forum moderators know about reported content.

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