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I’m excited for our interview!

Our purpose is to help dads become better men, partners, and fathers through mindfulness, men’s work, and community. The Dad.Work Podcast showcases experts and fathers who can provide wisdom, stories, healing/mindfulness practices, and perspectives that can help the fathers listening grow, heal, and excel.

Where To Find The Dad.Work Podcast

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Where To Find Dad.Work / Curt Storring

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Set Up and Preparation

Please ensure quality microphone and headphones if possible.

We use Squadcast, a browser-based podcast recording software. All you need to do is click the link that was sent to you via calendar invite, and you’ll join the room, just like Zoom. We will be able to see each other, but ONLY the audio will be recorded.

Please let me know if you have NOT received the Squadcast link to your email (it needs to be added manually, so please give my team an hour or two to add it to the calendar invite).

Please ensure the interview is scheduled in your calendar.

Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure technical setup is correct.

Please email me a headshot photo, bio, and relevant links (social, website, etc.) I can use for the episode at

Please consider tapping here to leave a rating & review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts to help ensure the episode gets maximum reach.

After The Interview

I will release our episode over the next few weeks, and will provide an exact date after our interview.

When the episode is live, I will send you the relevant links, plus social media graphics to share.

Thank you again for your willingness to share your expertise!

  • Curt

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