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Today’s guest is Kyle Carnohan.

Kyle is an absolute savage. He’s one of the only people who’s ever made me feel lazy. The name of his community is Super Human Fathers, and while that’s a lofty title to live up to, he delivers.

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Super Human Father Community

Here’s Kyle in his own words:

My name is Kyle. I am 41 years old. I am a father of 5. I have been married to my wife Whitney for 20 years. I am a fireman, a musician, a skateboarder, and a very effective body and mind transformation coach.

I started Super Human Fathers as an instragram account a few years back. I created it in order to hold myself personally accountable to stop being an asshole. Like you, I was at times short with my kids, sarcastic with my wife and lazy around the house. I would use excuses in order to get out of being my best self. “Im stressed from work” “I need a break. “I have anxiety and depression”. I just need some relaxation and down time..

Here is what I realized: the more rest I took, the more I dodged work, the more I put off my goals, the more I ate like shit to numb the pain, the more I gave in to my erratic emotional reactions, the more miserable and depressed I became.

I used the instagram to announce my shortcomings to the world. I put my true self out there for every one to see. I would call myself out when I was acting selfishly. I would be HONEST about my actions. That was a huge step in the right direction.

I began to connect with other fathers that had the same shortcomings. Other men gave me encouragement and strength. I reached out to coaches and gurus. I read books and listened to podcasts. As I practiced, I became better and I began to differentiate very Cleary the weak voice in my head with my true voice. My conscience.

Once I really tapped into that true voice, my personal progress in every aspect of life began to skyrocket. No more excuses. No more lying to myself. I began taking full responsibility by taking massive action in the things that mattered most in my life. every minute of every day.

I embraced struggle. I embraced stress, I accepted my fate, I learned to be grateful for inconvenience and chaos. In doing so I found myself and a fire lit inside me.

As I became a better man, I became a better father, a better husband, a better friend, better at creating, better at business, better at life.

As I leveled up so did my wife. So did my kids. So did many others I came in contact with. I realized, that I have way more impact on the world around me than I ever thought possible.

I Am a fireman by trade. I began to get approached by fellow firemen that were in darkness, needing guidence, needing fitness, needing to find themselves again. I began a relentless pursuit to serve my brothers in the fire house and exemplify the disciplined life.

I had dozens of men reach out to me outside of work asking for help and guidance. They were trying to tap in but did not know where to start. They wanted deep meaningful relationships with their kids. they wanted to be a kind and loving with their wife. They wanted to get lean and athletic. They wanted to create their best self for their people. They wanted to light their life on fire like I had.

And so SUPER HUMAN FATHERS was born. It started out as 20, then 50, then 100 then 200. Now we have our sight set on 1000 before the end of the year.

It has become a brotherhood. A group of men holding each other accountable to live the no excuse, nonnegotiable life.

I have found a home. A team. A family. 

So here you are. May be you have a temper. may be you are dealing with severe anxiety and depression. May be you lack motivation and the energy to attack life like you used to. 

Let me tell you this. When you live every day with decisions and reactions that are in line with your conscience, you earn a power and authority over your life that will blow your mind. 

Others will feel this power when you are in their presence. They will want to be better just by being around you. You will become an absolute force of positivity and energy.

Your body will transform into your true self. You will look in the mirror and see a warrior with a resilient body and mind.

You will never be ashamed or disappointed in what you see in the mirror ever again!


Our physical transformations are world class.

 What you can’t see in the pictures are the minds and spirits of these elite men that live the SUPER HUMAN FATHERS way.

What is our secret? Where the mind and spirit go, the body will follow.

This is not your standard fitness program.

This is a complete life transformation. Mind, body, and spirit.

To be the best we can be for those we love and the thousands we will inspire!

Curt Storring 0:00

Welcome to the dad work podcast. My name is Curt Storring, your host and the founder of dad work. I'm joined today by Kyle Carnahan, and we're gonna be talking about becoming a super human father. Guys, Kyle Carnahan is an absolute Savage, he's one of the only people who's ever made me feel lazy. And that's saying something because I like to pride myself on, on being pretty active, doing a lot of stuff, doing the, you know, get stuff done, that's, that's me, I'm doing as much as I can. And I feel like, you know, in many things, in many ways, um, you know, top 80th percentile and activity and, and skills and a lot of things and just being effective. And yet, Kyle reminds me that there's another 20% to go. And that's intense. Because man, there's not many people who I look at and go, Oh, man, I could be doing so much more. Anyway, his community is called superhuman fathers. And while it's a lofty title to live up to, he absolutely delivers. In fact, after this podcast, we started talking business, going back and forth, shooting ideas back, I was like, Man, I think I should join superhuman fathers, because he was so inspiring to me, so supportive. And so walking the walk, and the walk for him, is just absolute savagery in every area of his life, including not just being jacked, at age 41. He looks incredible, not just being a father of five, not just being married for 20 plus years, but excelling all of those things, not yelling at his kids, being a provider for his wife emotionally, spiritually, physically, all those things. It's both sides of the spectrum, guys, it's not just look, I'm jacked, I'm an alpha, and then you know, I yell at my kids, and they just need to obey me. He's dialed in, he's emotionally dialed in all these things, all these disciplines, disciplining the mind and the body, they go all the way down to being gentle with your kids to showing up for them to being a good role model to discipline everywhere. So guys, as you can tell, I'm pumped for this. We go into a lot of different things in here and I highly highly recommend you give this a listen and then make sure to follow Kyle on Instagram superhuman fathers. And you know, you can sign up for call with him and superhuman Good enough for me and guys, they will kick your ass in the best possible way. So we're just gonna dive in now. But if you have been enjoying the last few episodes, I felt pretty good. Last few episodes. Actually, guys, I don't know what you guys think. But I'm getting some good feedback from that, too. So if you have enjoyed those, would you just head over to Apple real quick and leave a review. We've been getting a number of those coming in lately. And that is amazing. But I know we can do so much more. I would love to get this in the ears of more men who need it. Because I mean, I'm getting a ton out of this. And like I said, I thought I was doing pretty well at some things but I'm just reminded by guys like Kyle guys like Jonathan guys like Ryan, who over the last few weeks have been on the podcast that there is so much more for me to learn. And I hope that it's been helpful for you guys become amazing world class men, husband and fathers. So guys, if you've been enjoying it leave a quick review takes 30 seconds to type out what you like about it give us a star rating that would be fantastic Apple Spotify wherever you listen. And if you don't already follow me on Instagram, go to dadwork.curt on Instagram DADWORK.CURT shownotes everything else Dad.Work/Podcast that is a lot. You'll hear more at the end in the outro to make sure that you get all those links. But let's dive in to this amazing episode with Kyle Carnahan, of superhuman fathers. Here we go.

Alright guys, here for another awesome episode of the downward Podcast. I'm joined by Kyle Carnahan. And man, I was telling you before this, you're like one of the few guys that makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit. And I mean that in the best possible way like you and Goggins. Maybe, but you are, like, even more raw somehow. So first of all, thanks for being here. I know you're crushing your day. And the fact that this is part of it as a huge honor. So thank you.

Kyle Carnohan 3:41

Yeah, thanks for having me, man. Like, that's like, we were just saying, like, that's the best coffee like, man, you really made me feel like a piece of shit. I'm like, really? A little tear comes out. I'm like, I'm so glad.

Curt Storring 3:56

Yeah, dude, that's, that's incredible. That it's, that's like, well, it's motivating for you to to get that because it's obviously what you're all about. And like your, if people haven't seen you before, you started superhuman fathers. You're an intense dude. You're passionate, which is one of the things that I think is most encouraging about this. You're not just out there, like telling guys are pieces of shit. You're actually so passionate about making yourself and your own life so good, that I can't help but be like, oh, man, if Kyle can do this, like Dude, I'm like slacking here. So I kind of want to hear like the origin about superhuman fathers. And like, first of all, maybe just give us an idea of what that is. And then I want to hear if you have always been a superhuman father, or where this even came from.

Kyle Carnohan 4:37

Yeah, man, first off. I I just love people, man. Like, especially when someone's like, I got I got a couple of kids, you know, trying to hold down a job. I'm struggling in my marriage a little bit. You know, having a good connection. My wife I'm like, it already tears me up because I know what that's like. I know what going through life being not being aligned in these pieces feels like. And if it feels like darkness, feels hope, like hopelessness, you feel stuck. And I don't know if I've talked about this on other with other people, or I think I've written about it, maybe. But when I was a kid, this is a weird story to explain this, but it's the only way I can explain it. My brother, we're at Family Fun Center back before boomers was that it's like, where you go? Bumper boats, bumper cars, video games and stuff. Right? Right. My brother. He's like, I'm probably seven, he's maybe nine. And he gets one of these bumper boats, any and it's like, it's got motorcycle handles, but he's holding it sideways. He thinks you're supposed to steer like this. So the dude spinning around in circles. And everybody's laughing at him. And it tore my heart in half, to watch him out of control, not being able to figure out why he was spinning. And he was panicking. And everyone's laughing, and I'm dying inside. And he can't hear me. And I'm yelling, like, you got to turn the steering wheel and he can't hear me. That moment. I knew I was different man. Like, back when I was seven years old people's when people hurt, it hurts me. And this has been the driving force of my life. So going back to how this started, I think the fitness side man like, I've always been into it. Like, as a kid, I grew up in the 80s man like WWF GI Joe guys, like Thundercats like every cartoon was all jacked dudes, you know? And then I'm like, this kid, this kid skinny little kid, and I'm like, How do I look like that? You know, so ever since I was a little kid, I was learning. I was learning about protein and like aminos and supplements and like, techniques to lift and like, I was just obsessed with it man and athletics and, and so that kind of just was all part of my life. I had a career before I was in the in banking for like, 10 years. And then the fallout of 2008 just destroyed everything. And I had to start over. So I was like, well shoot, I'll just become a fireman.

Curt Storring 7:18

You just decide to become a fireman after the banking thing. Was that like something you were interested in before? Like, how did that come about?

Unknown Speaker 7:24

It was just, it was like, I had this full career had a family had houses, cars, retirement, and then it was all just gone 28 year old man. And so I was just like, whoa, like reset button, like, Let's go have an adventure. So I became a paramedic and a fireman. And, and I quickly became like the go to guy for like body composition change in the firehouse. And so I had a lot of people in time to experiment with like, different diet modalities, nutrition, meal time, different workouts, different styles, and seeing what affected them, what didn't how they change faster, slower. And then it quickly turned into like, how it attaches to the rest of your life. And how the mindset is everything. And I had a small Instagram group for superhuman fathers in the beginning, I started it because I was having trouble coming home from the firehouse and controlling my emotional reactions in the home. I would be aloof, sarcastic, snippy, at best, I would kind of blow up I was not consistent without a consistent father. I knew it. And I wanted to change. But I didn't know how I couldn't figure it out. It was like this, this monster inside me was controlling me. And you know, my family was everything to me, but yet I was hurting them with just my presence, you know, just underlying, frustrated dead. And so I started this group. And it was just some some guys that were following me and we'd hold each other accountable. And I would report when I was terrible. And you know, and and I had a coach who was like, Hey, why aren't you helping these guys with the fitness side? And so I brought it to their attention and there was like 2530 guys were like, Yeah, let's do it. And I got all those guys ripped. So now I'm sitting here we've been working on our emotional reactions. And now I have these guys that are the most epic fathers because this is a skill which you're aware of. With what you do. We we got really good at being great dads, even when we were our worst, and then all these guys are jacked. So I Have these Jack dads that are like the most patient loving humans on the planet in their home? And I was like, this. This is super human fathers. And then it just spread like fire man. Oh dude 30 Guys 50 Guys 100 Guys 202 50 an hour at 300 Now now, right now, like, we just hit three, like we are the 300.

Curt Storring 10:25

That's amazing, dude, I love the fact that that started from your own need. And that's something I've noticed with a lot of guys around here. The only guys that I actually trust in the space are doing the thing because they needed it to begin with. Yeah, and so I love that. But like we're you bring me back to you. Before you were like you today. I know that you started from a young age, being super passionate, engaged with people. And I know that you sort of like got the body composition thing down in the firehouse. But like walk me through fatherhood for you, when you became a dad? Was that like a huge shift? Were you already like pretty aware of what's going on? Because you seem like you're super aware of how you're showing up. But what did your actual fatherhood journey look like? Going from single or married guy, all of a sudden, you got kids to where you are today? What has been what have been some of the challenges along the way.

Unknown Speaker 11:13

So another huge part of this, which I talk about all the time, is like, I was unaware of how shitty I was in the beginning of my marriage, like, I was old school debt. I go work at the bank, you know, work of whatever, eight hours a day, and then come home and kick my feet up. And my wife would cook and clean. And I would walk past messes, and she would change the diapers. And I was like, Yeah, I don't. That's she she's not working right now. That's her job. You know. And I was so surprised at why there's so much strife in my marriage in the beginning. And guess what I always said, which a lot of guys listen to this saying all the time. My wife's just crazy. No, you suck. Like, that's the answer. The answer is like, serve your family. Like they are not your wife is not your servant. Like to be the ultimate father, you work all day, you come home, and that's when your real job begins. To be part of what's going on. All of it. Cooking cleaning diapers, like all the bullshit. It's where our fulfillment lies. Like, every man says their family is the most important thing to them. But yet we don't act like it.

Curt Storring 12:34

That's exactly right. I was talking to this friend of mine, Dan, go on this podcast. And he's like, so many guys say they'll die for their family. They'll die for their kids. But almost nobody's willing to live for them. And that's a fucking tragedy. And so I love what you're saying here is like, you know, the providing aspect. I talked to a lot of guys, I'm sure you do, too, who are like, Dude, I got the job. I bring home the money. Like that's what I'm supposed to do. But that's like, the very base level. Like the value

Unknown Speaker 13:02

remitted man. That's yeah, standard.

Curt Storring 13:05

Yeah. And then they don't take responsibility of all the things in their life. And like you said, it's either the wife's crazy, or she's a narcissist or something. Somebody some there's always an excuse.

Unknown Speaker 13:13

And she might, she might be so what? Yeah, those are?

Curt Storring 13:17

Exactly. Oh, dude, I have been telling so many guys since I made a post on marriage the other day. And guys are like, oh, yeah, but what about my wife? I'm like, bro, it's your problem. You chose it, your consequences, your responsibility show up as the best version of you. And literally, that's all you got to worry about. So like, what what are you telling guys inside the group? Because I've gotten a bunch of questions on like, it's almost overwhelming to me how disciplined and motivated you are. And I know that a lot of guys don't really get that right away. And obviously the ones who are coming to you they're like, oh, shit, I'm ready. But like, I noticed a lot of guys need to be hit with a Mack truck before they change. Yeah, so what how are you motivating guys to actually get in there in the first place? And then stay motivated if they're not like intrinsically going to kill someone every moment of the day to be the best dad they can be? What's like, what are you seeing motivate guys who need a kick in the ass?

Unknown Speaker 14:08

So first, we got to find out. We got to help them develop the vision for their future and who they truly want to become who their consciences pulling them towards. Right. And a lot of guys don't don't really know that they never thought about it. But if you take a guy and you're like, Hey, man. So what do you do for work? And they're like, I'm a plumber. You're like, Okay, how long you been? 20 years? How do you like it? That's all right. Okay, so there's our first problem. Your your life, your livelihood is and that's all right. What do you what do you want to do? Like, do you want to be like, Have you ever thought of like breaking off and starting your own thing? And the plumbing side? They're like, Yeah, you know, I tossed it around a lot. Something I want to do at some point. You're like, that point is today my friend. Let He give you a list of things that you're gonna start right now. And they're like, what? I'm like, yes, you're starting your business today, congratulations, you're an entrepreneur. And that just something like that. It starts to light them on fire now their hope, their vision of their future. And then we start to talk about, this is just one example, we started attaching our daily habits to being successful in that area. It's just one area of their life, right? So I go, when you go to try to get it, your, let's say, your plumbing construction, you're trying to land a big deal. Well, if my life is aligned, and I got up early, and I hit the gym, and then I did some, some reading and work on myself, and I got myself humbled and grateful. And I've been doing that every day, and my diet style, and my emotional responses, my family are dialed, and I'm controlling my life, I'm in charge, I'm gonna walk in, they're so confident that when I walk in the room, people are gonna be like, Who's that dude? Like, I'm gonna have a presence, because I earned it. That day, I go, when you go to, to make that sale, you're gonna get that sale. If there's other people in the room, they're gonna be like, that's the guy. So I attach great meaning to daily habits based upon what they want. And their vision for themselves. That's one example. You know. And then we talked about the vision for their marriage, their family, the relationship with their kids, that we talked about the vision, physically, you know, like walking into that room with a van coming down their neck, over their shoulder down their bicep, you know, because they put on 20 pounds of muscle. And they're sitting there at 8% body fat, just feeling like a beast when they look in the mirror. I mean, these are all just adding to the man.

Curt Storring 16:44

Yeah, man, that one of the things I've been noticing with a lot of guys that are coming to me, they're like, you know, they want to do all this work in terms of like, oh, how do I show up better? How do I do the emotional control thing? How do I do this? And I'm like, Okay, what are you doing to support the fact that you're a human being? It's like, they're not going in the gym, they're not eating? Well, they're not sleeping. They're not have relationships, that little man, they're not doing any of these basic ground level things. Yeah. And you're telling us that like, habits, man, and guys want more than that, for some reason? It's like, we try to make it so fancy. And it's like, nope. Vision and habits. Yep. What is that it? Like, I feel like guys aren't gonna believe it, until they see the results, which by the way, you got to check out Kyle on Instagram, because man, I scroll through this kind of stuff. It's like, the only thing I'm looking at these days. I gotta get to the gym. What am I doing with my life? But like, anything else, man, like, this is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 17:34

Yeah. And, and I mean, I have to live it at the living level, or they will not take, there will be no transformation of any superhuman followers, if leadership doesn't live in, just like, like steer in any ship. And so I take that responsibility on my back to lead by example. And live harder than my men. So that that's my charge is to, you know, I mean, life's so comfortable. It's so comfortable. It's so easy to slip into comfort. And, I mean, the the stuff I do, I don't, it's not special man. I just, I get up when I say I'm going to do it, I get my workouts in. I eat right. And I treat my family, right. But that is very much becoming an anomaly in this world. So all of a sudden, like, damn, Kyle, how are you? So discipline, bro? I am living the standard. Like, yeah, standard, sir. Come with Kindred with me. I'm not special. I'm just doing what we are supposed to do.

Curt Storring 18:46

Yeah, I was talking about that with my wife. Literally. Yesterday, I was talking about how there's no standard anymore. And you get called an asshole for calling people up to that standard. And there's no beauty in the world. There's no good in the world, it seems. Because everyone's just lost a standard that being a human being should have. And especially when you're a dad, and you've got people relying on you. And you're at least in my opinion, you're the man that your kids your son is going to want to grow up to be and your daughter is going to want to grow up to marry. And if you're a piece of shit, and I mean that specifically because I've called myself a piece of shit when it's deserved. They do like you're going to treat you're going to make your kids suffer for the rest of their lives. Because you're not willing to deal with your own stuff. And like, what do you man, I'm thinking about a couple of guys. I'm actually calling one out. I'm thinking of a couple guys who are like, Oh, it's hard though. Like I don't know if I can wake up because I keep like self sabotaging. I hit that alarm clock. I hit the snooze button. Like what's what's the solution of these guys who just can't get it? Is it that they're not driven enough? Because their vision isn't there? Or what is the thing that self sabotage the other

Unknown Speaker 19:47

the other piece is like, I mean, anybody who's killing it has massive accountability. They painted themselves into a corner of accountability from which there's no escape. Because the weak moments come, there has to be something strong. Are there. So for me, I create massive accountability from the top, always hiring new coaches to teach me new things to hold me accountable that I that I am reporting to, that I meet with weekly, they know what's going on. And then I have accountability from the bottom, I have my, my group, I can't fail them, I would rather die, I will die for this message. Like, I'm to the point where like, I have to follow through. So build your life. In a place where you have accountability. You're not trying to go about this alone. I can't do it alone. So if you're living on your own island, it's no wonder you can't get up. You can't eat right? You can't get to the gym like that. And you're frustrated because you can't follow through. So find yourself people that hold you accountable. You'll start following through, you'll start feeling less frustrated, you'll see results, you'll get excited. And then guess what? It's easier to treat the people you love with love, compassion, patience, energy, when you feel good about yourself. So those are pieces man. Accountability, leadership, vision, purpose, discipline.

Curt Storring 21:14

Yeah, if your life sucks, man, it's just like, it's so obvious. You're gonna be angry. Right? Like, some of these guys are like otter know where this anger comes from? It's like, dude, is your life suck? Yeah, that's why I'm so angry all the time. But what about this piece about like, not yelling at the kids not being snippy, like the emotional side of things. Because I think at least from what I'm seeing in some of these so called, like, I don't know, men spaces. The guys are either on the far end of like, oh, just get shit done, man and get jacked and all the rest? Or they're like, oh, just feel your feelings. It's all good. And like, you seem to combine that with like an awareness of the emotional side of things. And the physical dominance. What does it look like to talk about the emotional side of things and get into a place where you're not yelling at your kids? Because you're just triggered? Like, did that take specific skills learning? Do you do things like quiet prayer meditation in the morning? Like, what is the thing that makes you not yell at the kids? Because that trigger might still be there. But you got to hold yourself to account maybe it's all the things you already said. But I wonder if there's more there.

Unknown Speaker 22:17

Yeah, I think, for me, I attach my manhood, to being able to control my emotions, right? So like, to me like, I don't want to be a bitch. I want to be alpha. A real alpha is in control of his emotional reactions. He's a rock. He's steady. He's dependable. Meaning like your wife and your kids know who's showing up today? Because he's the same. He's steady. You know, they don't have to worry about like, Hey, who's walking through the door? Is an angry dad. I don't know is he was he stressed at work today? Like, that's a bit like that guy is is weak, and is giving in to the easier road. Anytime we take the easier road, we're going to screw up our lives, like our conscience always wants to take the harder road, do the harder thing. Get up earlier, work harder. Be more patient. Control your food, restrain yourself. Like, this is discipline. Discipline is manhood. Discipline is leadership. And so I just attached it, man. And so what I tell guys is I say, date day, kind of a day, right? Get up early in the morning, set a wakeup time, it is non negotiable. Set your alarm on the other side of the room like that wake up is non negotiable. Now if you missed that wake up, we got to figure out why. Where the disconnect is. But here's the plan. You wake up at that time, every day. Whatever you say you're going to do, you have to follow through. Otherwise, you're going to have inner turmoil. You wake up, try to get yourself as humble and grateful as possible. Understand that I also wake up in a negative state. A lot of the times like grumpy, ungrateful when I write when I wake up. So that's normal, my friends. Now, what do you what should you do? If you believe in God, get on your knees and pray and just thank him for the blessings in your life? Take a few minutes. Otherwise meditate, right? I do a lot of writing in the mornings. And I try to find my gratitude. Now you may or may not find it. What helps is very difficult physical activity that is the next step. So get yourself either in the gym or go do something and do something that is going to push you to the point where you don't think you can finish you're a little scared. Maybe you're so out of breath that it's very uncomfortable. Like that will help you find your gratitude that'll help you earn your gratitude. Why that is hard shit. just taps us in. It puts us in a flow state when we do hard stuff, and we feel proud of ourselves. So that's, that's the mornings. And then the battles you're going to face as a man, I simplify this one with food. If you're gluttonous, with food and drink, you're going to be frustrated, and you're going to treat people like shit. You just are, you're going to be misaligned. This is this is from my research working with hundreds of men. When when you are in control of food and drink, you're going to be in control of your emotional responses. It's the same muscle that you use, because you have to be present. So you have to be in the moment so that when you see the bag of Doritos or the donut, you don't just mindlessly eat. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 25:50

you know, they're like, Man, I can't lose weight. It's like, I have to now think, okay, no, I have goals,

Unknown Speaker 25:57

I have a vision, I have plans. This is not what I said I would do. So I'm going to abstain from that, like you have to be present. That same thing happens later in the day, when you're tired after work. And your wife's like, you never tell me that I'm beautiful. You are all you all you do is sit around or whatever it may be, you're actually killing it. But your wife's giving you a hard time. And you want to dig your heels in and tell her how awesome you are and how hard your life is. Well, it's that same muscle to stop and be like, you seem frustrated. Honey, is there something I can help you with? Like, what do you need? Like, you just saved your marriage, you start doing that? Instead of arguing? Like you just saved your marriage just with that. And then be like, what does she need? What does she usually do around here? Oh, there's dishes in the sink and the laundry needs to be done. You're like, maybe I'll just do that. And then you do that you do those things. And you ask how you can help your wife, you give her good energy? Guess what? You just saved your marriage. Congratulations,

Curt Storring 26:56

man. That's already fire, man. Thank you. Okay, so I was gonna ask you about your day. But I think you sort of got into that already. Question is, do you ever have days where you just mess up? And what happens? When you do? What is the self talk? What happens when you fallen off somehow? Or some reason? Or some guy in your group falls off? How do you get back on without cratering? Because I know, personally, when I screwed up, I used to just be like, oh, man, I'm like, not a piece of shit and the way that's gonna motivate me, but I should just quit. How do you stop that.

Unknown Speaker 27:33

So this is called a struggle for a reason. And so emotion has to be just deleted out of the game. Like, this is a system that we're moving the wires around, like a computer to optimize it. And so like, like, in my team, like, I need my guys to feel comfortable being honest with me. You know, so like, guilt and shame. That only comes if you quit, man really, like, if you quit, then you deserve it. But if you're, if you're still pressing forward, forgive yourself immediately. And I talk about the quick comeback, like anytime you either sleep in when you said you wouldn't, or you have a day where you eat shitty, or have some drinks, and you said you weren't going to it's like, get back on the train immediately. And no, you're human. Like, this is the game. This is like a skill, like learning how to play basketball. Like, you're not going to go out there and kill it right away. Like, it takes practice. This is a practice. And so with practice over time, like yours, you will get really good at it. As long as you don't let yourself get dragged into the shame cave and spend five years just sitting around giving up being like, I guess I'm not good at basketball. Yeah, no one's good at basketball right? When they start no one, and this is no different. takes time to get good at it.

Curt Storring 29:04

Yeah, and especially, I mean, like the thing that a lot of guys don't understand as well as like, first of all, it's a skill, like you just said, but when you have never been taught that skill when you've never had men around you to, to exhibit that skill or to show you what's possible. Of course, you're gonna think that the bar is like right here. And I think you showing up the way you do especially on Instagram with your guys. Like you're just putting the bar so much higher. And guys are like, Oh, I didn't even realize that could be achievable. And suddenly they just like, go ahead. So what you're saying about brotherhood, I found like that changed my life as soon as I got around other men. And they were like, Hey, dude, you said you're gonna do this. What the fuck? Yeah, it's like, oh, no, you're right. And suddenly I've got this Northstar that I can never deviate from because they're gonna see me fail. Yep. And like, Oh, dude, as soon as I knew that, that was the case. So I guess I mean, I don't even know where I'm going with this other than to say like, you need brothers in your life and I love that you got a brotherhood, I love we got men's groups as well. So if you don't have that in your life, and you don't know what it looks Like, and you've never been taught by your father, because maybe he didn't know any of this kind of stuff, too. You have to do that, like you said, practice, the guys aren't coming on to the Super Bowl, after, you know, playing one game in the season, they're practicing every single day, and you get to see them at their best. And I think what you're saying is the Super Bowl is every single day when you get home from work. That's at least what it sounds like,

Unknown Speaker 30:18

Well, every day, to me is an impossible battle. Like I set it up that way to where like, every day feels like I'm going to the last war of my life. From the early wake up to the amount of work I'm going to put in to the level of energy I'm going to give to my family. I set my day up. So at four o'clock from four to 630 is pure, focused family time. Do you have any idea how exhausted I am at four o'clock? I mean, to a level that will just kill a normal man. I've had to work myself into this point. Why do I do that though, because if I can give them my best, when I'm the most exhausted, the most hungry the most over it, then I am undeniable. Like I'm the undeniable father. And so I practice giving them the ultimate father when I am at my worst. Sounds crazy. I know. But see, chaos is coming, man. Hard times are coming. Like you're gonna have dark years in your life. Can you still show up for them? When you are suffering? That's a father. That's a selfless man.

Curt Storring 31:30

Yeah, because, man, this is hitting so hard. Because as I look through my life, I had these dark moments. And the reason that I'm here is because of, you know, getting out of and trying to help guys get out of it as well. But I don't excuse those times in my life when I don't show up for my kids. Because I know that this is their life on the line. Yeah, literally, the way they grow up will be impacted directly by their relationship to me. And if I have an off day or an off year or whatever, however long it is, I can't just go like, Hey, guys, can you stop growing for like a month? I'm having a hard time. Yep, they're gonna get every single moment of that. And if you can't show up, like you just said in the hardest times, they're going to learn that it's okay to crater, they're going to learn that you're not there for them, they're going to learn that you weren't important enough, or that they weren't important enough for you to try hard enough to fix. And that's like the future regret that I just can't let myself live with. Yeah, I can imagine that. So if you're not motivated to this kind of stuff, start there.

Unknown Speaker 32:24

Yeah. One thing that I implemented that was really helpful that guys can implement is I started having just non negotiables with my family, because we will do it with fitness, like, Alright, I'm gonna hit hit these numbers, or I'm not going to eat this shit. And I'm gonna get my workout in every day at this time. And then with your business, you're like, I'm gonna make this many calls and whatever, we have these non negotiables with our family, like, how often do we have non negotiables in our family, like, very rare. So each kid gets 10 to 15 minutes of Dad's focus time every day. And they choose what they want to do. Like my son, my 14 year old we play a game of pool together. My oldest son, he's starting his own coaching business for kids. I help him with that. My other kid likes fortnight I freaking hate fortnight we play fortnight I read a book to my little girl and I play handball with my 10 year old. So I got five that I gotta hit 10 to 15 minutes, that that will change your relationship with your kids, just because they know how tired you are. And they know you're grinding. But yet every day, every day, like clockwork, you're showing up for him. Hey, let's play our game. Let's play our game. Let's play our game. And because most of the time, what do we do? We sit at dinner, and you're like, how's your day? And they're like, good? Is teenagers, right? Good. You're like, what do you do? Learn some shit. You know? And you're like, alright, good talk, you know, but when you're playing and doing what they want to do, and showing that you're willing to put forth the effort. It's just a game changer.

Curt Storring 33:59

Yeah, man, we we talked about getting like those one on ones with the kids in the schedule. So that they're like you said no one negotiables so that they can not only do they look forward to them, but you can't skip them. Yeah. And it's so ridiculous, man. Like when I'm tracking. I was trying to figure out how do I track if I'm being a good dad or not? I added this section to my journal that was like, Did I show up as a good father with them one on one time, all the rest of that stuff. So I tracked in my journal now Yeah, every day, I do one on one every day that I'm showing up with them every day. I'm not showing up with them. So I can actually track and my end goal is like I want to have, you know, nine to one or 10 to one or 100 to one or 1000 to one good to bad show ups. And now it's tracked Yeah, I can go back in my journal be like man, I had a really bad month and then fix it. So I think I love what you're saying about like making it being accountable to that time. Not just like this oohs of family time, where you're checking your phone, and you're checked out. Oh, man, it's gross.

Unknown Speaker 34:55

That's so good. Like just that right there. Like people listen to this guy. He knows.

Unknown Speaker 35:03

Like just that right there. I mean, it took me like 15 years of being a dad to figure that one little nugget out.

Curt Storring 35:11

Yeah, well, dude, it's take it's taken me nine years, so I don't feel any better about it. I'm actually curious about like you're saying, How did you are? How, you know, fatigue and all this kind of stuff? How much do you actually sleep?

Unknown Speaker 35:25

Usually for four hours at night, right now,

Curt Storring 35:29

and is that something you've trained down to? Yes. Zika.

Unknown Speaker 35:33

So I was in I was in the firehouse for almost 15 years, or at least as a paramedic, and then in the firehouse for 12.

Unknown Speaker 35:42

And, and sleep. Like, sometimes you go three, four days, like very minimal sleep.

Unknown Speaker 35:51

And you kind of get used to it. And so like, sleep is good, you need sleep. And I wouldn't tell anyone to sleep four hours a night, unless they have literally are pushing for the vision that they'll die for. And they're maximizing their time, they're there, they are creating time, by sleeping less, and then compressing time by really planning their days and, and making sure that it's that it's worth it. Because when you get up early and, and you're sacrificing the sleep, like time becomes very precious, you know, you're giving it you're giving time, like that respect of your sacrifice. And so each moment becomes so precious to you. And you don't want to waste it, you know? So, but right now, I mean, I'm in a place where like, I'm just enjoying the suffering man. Like, like, I'm enjoying the challenge of what it means to build something amazing. And having great purpose behind it. And, and just seeing what I'm made of.

Curt Storring 36:57

Yeah, man, that's so that's so inspiring. And I think that's where I anticipated there being a lot of pushback guys going like, oh, well, I need like, you know, eight hours or I need this amount, or I need whatever. And I don't know, I don't really know too many designate hours to be quite honest with you.

Unknown Speaker 37:11

But don't need shit. Like,

Curt Storring 37:14

what what is the tagline? We need the least we do the most. What is the? Yeah, it's right here. We do the most. We need the way the least. Oh, dude. That's it. That Tell me tell me more about no needs. Because I think a lot of guys are going to be triggered by that. And I'm glad I'm glad about it. But go into that if you could. I love triggering guys.

Unknown Speaker 37:36

It's great. Yeah, I'd

Curt Storring 37:37

rather trigger you now than 20 years from now, when you fucked up and your kids are like leaving you and you're like a terrible father. Right? I don't know if that's how you think. But I like that.

Unknown Speaker 37:45

Yeah, man, we do the most we need the least means I don't matter. When I say that, I mean, my feelings don't matter. Like if I'm going to truly lead, then I get the scraps, right? So that means how can I serve you? How can I help you? I'm here for you. I require nothing from you for me. Okay. Now, it's a hard pill to swallow when you first think about it. But let me tell you something. When you have that life, attitude, you receive everything. Everything. Like you want fulfillment in life, live that mantra. You want to feel on fire, like your feet, don't even touch the ground. You want purpose. Live that mantra, do that for your wife. I require nothing from you. I am here to serve you. Guess what? Most of the time, they'll watch you and they'll start to give you more. Because you you you are just there to serve. And you're teaching them how to truly lead and how how to be in a marriage how to be in a relationship. And in the beginning, yeah, it will be lopsided. Yes, you will do more. That's what I want. I want to do the most. And they will start to take on that same mantra just because you are. That's leadership. Yeah,

Curt Storring 39:18

man, the that's the thing. That's so it's almost paradoxical. If you haven't tried it before. If you actually just put yourself last and do everything for someone else. It's obviously going to make them like you said, I'm glad that you put that caveat. There's going to be hardware at the beginning or maybe forever, maybe forever. And that's okay. deal with that. Because there's a lot of guys that I'm talking to are looking to express their needs and they want things but they attach expectation to it. So they're like, Okay, how can I get this? It's like, dude, Wrong question. You should be giving it first and showing up as a leader. And that's how you get what you need it and in that leadership, at least, I think I'm experiencing it. I feel more fulfilled doing that than I do from receiving anyway. So I don't know. That's another.

Unknown Speaker 40:05

Yeah. And you know, like positive and like, like in a marriage, it's like, okay. Are you planning on staying with this woman? Well, yeah. But she and this and that, and she does this and this and that. Okay. Are you planning on staying with this woman? Yes. Okay, so you're not going to leave. Because you have two choices. You, if you can't handle it, and you can't accept whatever it is that you have in front of you, good, bad and ugly, then you need to leave. Like, you can't handle it. Don't sit in the gray area, you're either all in, or you're all out. And if you're all in, that means you accept everything, that you're carrying it on your back. That's a very empowering thing in a marriage to just, if I'm here, I got you. All your problems, all of your shortcomings. Like, I'm going to help you. Like, that's it.

Curt Storring 41:03

The thing that that just brought up is this idea of like a victim mentality. Like I think a lot of guys, if you don't take responsibility for something, you become a victim to it. But I found that as soon as I just take, like 100% responsibility for everything that's going on in my life in my house, even if it's not my fault, so to speak, like suddenly, I can fix it. So is this what you're seeing as well? Like it just removes any potential to be a victim?

Unknown Speaker 41:23

Yeah. Because there are so many things we can do even in a shitty situation to better our situation. And if we're blaming it on another person, we're just we're gonna be blind to it. We're gonna go through life just ignorant and unmotivated. So it's just always better to be like, Okay, I can't fix that. I just accept it. That's the way it is. What can I do? Like, what do I have control over? That's it.

Curt Storring 41:51

Yeah, man. The I noticed the other day you share some about how your own brotherhood helped you. And I love this story, man. I don't know if you want to share it again about your your son telling lies, and how you figure that out? And what that meant to you. Do you mind walking us through that? Because man that touched me?

Unknown Speaker 42:07

Yeah, I, you know. So I'm sitting here leading this movement, right. And I got my own problems. And I need help. I'm dealing with things I've never dealt with before. And, you know, my 10 year old, lied to me three times in the same week. And I've never had to deal with that with my other kids. It's been pretty easy. And so I told I told my son I go, Hey, lie to me again. We're going in the desert. We're going to walk in the we're going out to the desert, no food, no water, we might die. Let's this is what I said. good parenting, bad parenting. I don't know. That's what I said. Well, he he lied to me again. Now these are little lies. Like he there was a cookie mess all over the place. And he's like, I didn't throw any cookies. And I was like, This sounds like you might be going down the lie route. And he's gone. Like, no, it wasn't me. I go, I'll give you one more chance. And he's like, I threw one. And then I talked to his brother. He's like, two, three, like, 20 of them. And I was like, That's it. You know? So I was like, I was like, foot full Bootcamp on him, you know? And he's tat. No, he's eight. He's eight years old. So, you know, I'm like, I'm like, Okay, well, I've got to teach you a lesson now. And I had this whole plan of like, going on this long hike and making it real difficult. And I was being pretty gruff. You know, like, I gotta show him. So I have a zoom call with my team. Like, in 10 minutes. I was like, alright, so I like was like, Alright, I'm gonna have you watched the walls. So I've got them, like, work working in the house. And I go on the Zoom call, and I was like, Hey, I'm gonna conundrum guys like, what I do with this kid, like, I think I may have just like, blown this out of proportion and gone super hard, but I don't know what to do. And so then I've got like, 35, guys on the Zoom call that many of them have experienced the same thing. A lot of them have older kids. And then we have this roundtable. And one of the guys, he says, Hey, go downstairs, pick up your son. Just hold him. Tell him how much you love him. Tell him you understand how hard it is. Tell him that even as a grown man, you're going to deal with the same temptations. Tell him that he can always tell you the truth, even after he lied to tell him that you're going to help him work through it. And that's what I did. And he didn't get to go to his friend's house that he planned the next day. You know, we followed through with some of the punishments but I didn't take them to the desert, let them die of thirst. And I think sometimes I had an upset Funny in that group as well, where we were talking about where he's the youngest son, my oldest two got a lot of attention. And then he's, he's the fourth son. And then the baby came in my daughter. And so he's kind of the last child, he's, he's gotten the shortest end of the stick and our family. And so, you know, through our, through the council, like, I realized he needs extra attention and love. So what do I do? I put it in the plans. Like, okay, we're getting off balance. This boy needs his dad more than the other ones right now. And, and so an adjustment had to be made.

Curt Storring 45:42

Man, I love that story. Thank you for sharing that. And that's, that's so relevant for me right now. And it's a great reminder for me, we just found out last week, we're expecting number four. And, man, like, I'm seeing it already. We told the kids and it's just like, it's getting them out of alignment with that, because they're like, dude, like, you're gonna I'm not going to be the baby anymore. And I'm not going to do this. And I'm not going to do this. And so I appreciate you sharing that. And I want to like, I'm curious. Where the sorry, two seconds

Sorry, man, kids at the door. Two seconds. You're okay?

Oh, sorry, dude, you're right. Got my wife left the middle one here. And he's freaking out that the stove is on. But it's supposed to be on. So there we go. Oh, man. Anyway, the question that was gonna ask is What was it about telling that story that brought up the emotion? I'm curious what what's charged in there for you? Because I was really like, I'm appreciative that you just went for it.

Unknown Speaker 47:07

Yeah. I don't want to hurt my kids. Like, and I know. I know, from all the stories I've heard, and the men I've worked with, and just experience like, we can damage their futures. Through consistent, hurtful action that we're ignorant of. so easily. I mean, most guys carry scars from their father for their entire lives. And when I think about being that, for my kids, it crushes me, I refuse to let that happen.

Curt Storring 47:55

That's beautiful man. We talked about this so called Father went on here fairly regularly, because so many guys have it. Yeah. And part of doing this work part of like, breaking the chains. If your dad didn't show up the way you want them show up or whatever. Is, is like this double edged sword. On the one hand, you're seeing your own father, and you're like, man, he was just a man suffering, struggling, didn't know what to do. I'm carrying that pain. I can forgive him. At the same time, I see what I am doing to my own children. And how do I not let that what happened to me or however I felt about it happened to them. And taking that burden, I think is like the best thing that I've ever tried to do in my life. And again, like, I'm sitting here going, like, dude, I'm nothing, you know, Kyle's just like jacked and got it all sorted out. And so I'm, I'm like, I'm not even going to say that I'm doing any of this stuff. But as I'm trying to think about this stuff, like Man, there could be no greater burden on earth as a man for me, then to be the dad who broke that chain and was the foundational rock that was leaning against nothing but his own suffering. And then my kids don't have to experience that. I don't know what could be more beautiful. Like that is that's perfection for me as a man. And I don't know, man, like that's, it's hard to get more motivated than that.

Unknown Speaker 49:10

The demons that we do not slay in ourselves will be carried on by our children.

Curt Storring 49:17

100% And imagine being the guy who didn't attack his demons and pass them on to his kids. That is pathetic. And I hate that I will not let that happen. And obviously, you're not going to let that happen either. Men. Thank you, man. Who, okay. What else to guys need to be called out on? What are the things that you're seeing that men are getting comfortable with? specific issues that like you said they might not even be aware of, but that are like quiet killers. Are there things that are coming up in your communities that you're getting guys to stop or to be aware of, so that they don't fall off the cliff?

Unknown Speaker 50:03

The average man inspires no one. And a lot of the turmoil that men have is they're living their average or below average life. And they know they're meant for something more. And, and so you, you look at your life, and you say, Okay, what doesn't serve me? What is my vision? What doesn't serve me. And I mean, you can make a list like if it's, if there is a some sort of chasing after a feeling of dopamine release or pleasure that's getting in the way of your vision for yourself or your relationship with your family or your energy to take your body to where it needs to go. Or, or it's holding you back from building the business or the creative pursuit that you have. Like, that's kind of go, like, just get rid of it, you will always win by getting rid of it. And if you have it, an inkling that you should get rid of something, you should get rid of something. It's like when someone's like, Hey, should I do this or this and I go, what one's harder, they go this one, I go do that one. The harder path is always the right path, you will get in alignment, and pull power from the universe. And fulfillment, however deep you want to go into that. So it's up to you, like how deep you want to go, like, you want to go full warrior monk status, like, make your life harder, the harder you're gonna make your life and the more you can handle that, that level of suffering, the more powerful leader you're gonna be, the more confidence you're gonna have. And the more presence you're gonna have. And so you assess your life, what are the things that I'm doing that don't align with my conscience? It could be drinking, could be gluttony could be laziness, it could be your emotional reactions, the way you you dig in, in arguments with your wife could be ego scratching, right? Like if you're doing things just to get that ego itch. Like, that's the same thing as like, chasing pleasure, man, like, scratching that little ego. That'll make you miserable to all these things, that we that they're not necessarily bad things, but when we put our heart on him, we're gonna be miserable because they're fleeting. They're not lasting. They're not going to give you true fulfillment. So, pleasure, fulfillment. You know, they're very, they're on different levels. And if we're always seeking the low level, we're gonna get low level fulfillment in life. Low Level pleasure.

Curt Storring 52:47

Yeah, man, sir. Pardon me for two seconds, I have to lay the smack down

it's real dude. This is real. As I've been doing this, like 104 episodes. Now. That's the first time that I've ever had like a legitimate child interruption. And I've been expecting it this whole time. So anyway, here we go live in the real life. And that's me. Not screaming at my children, everyone. Even though I'm being interrupted. I'm feeling a little bit activated. And it's good because in the back of my mind, I'm like, imagine if I didn't mute this. And then I'm talking about this and you have this whole thing going like, oh, screaming at your kids giving your kid and Kyle's like what

Unknown Speaker 53:37

the fuck? No, no, that'd be good. That's real. That's real.

Curt Storring 53:41

That is real, man. So anyway, man, I'm feeling a little bit flustered now. Okay, actually, let's go to there. What about when your kids are coming in and interrupting you? Are there things that you set boundaries around? Do you still find yourself getting upset about things like that? I know you talked a little bit about like the boundaries with your kid yet lying to you. But what are some of the like, the parenting principles are the active in the moment? I'm starting to get upset that you employ.

Unknown Speaker 54:06

Yeah, I'm still I'm still hard as dad. Like. Like, we do a lot of burpees in my house, like I give my kids I put an allowance on the on the whiteboard. Starting. I give them I give them I put 50 bucks up there for the week for each kid. And then anytime they don't do their chores. They're disrespectful to their mom or each other anytime. Anytime they leave some trash out. They lose five bucks. And and like that, that helps me to not like blow up and yell. I just changed the number. And it's like, you gotta fall through man can't be disrespectful. But like a couple of things in my house that I don't put up with is disrespect to each other. or to me or their mom. Like, we, we, it's zero chances, like you're losing money you're doing burpees. Like, we just are not disrespectful in our home. Now, when I say we're not, there's still a lot of disrespect. I have, mainly from my 10 year old and my eight year old, those two men, they are at each other's throats. They are just fighting constantly. So they, the last two weeks ended up with $0 at the end of the week, both of them so. But yeah, man, I get triggered. I just try. That's why I try to do that. So that I can I can enforce it a different way rather than yelling. Or like losing my mind, you know?

Curt Storring 55:47

Yeah, dude, that's such a like a beautiful, beautifully simple way to put it. Because when there are boundaries and consequences, so I used to, I used to think you just needed to punish, right? Like, be punitive, be hard, all the rest of that kind of stuff. And then I would get drawn into the emotion of it. Yeah, like, oh, man, like, you need to be punished. Can't believe you did this. And I would just try and get in there. And it was like, Oh, do I know I'm trying to hurt them right now. This is not about teaching them a lesson. Yeah. And discipline is about teaching a lesson is late. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to in the house. So we've just moved to, like you said consequences. And it could be loss of money. It could be burpees. It could be you don't get to do this. It could be Yeah, now you can't play now you can't go to your friend's house. But it's completely non emotional. Yeah. Because eventually they learn what the consequences and when you tell them upfront. And it's like he did. Like you said, you know, this is going to happen, and you chose to do the thing. So you are responsible for the thing. Not my problem. Yeah. And I think that's teaching them so much more to be responsible for everything in their lives and learn what we're talking about here. Which is brutal responsibility in your life for everything.

Unknown Speaker 56:52

I think, I think sometimes we try to punish our kids with yelling, and they just don't care. Like it's gonna go so numb, and they're gonna be like, Okay, I got yelled at, but isn't any consequence. Like, that's, that's better? Like, Oh, okay. Well, I just get yelled at.

Curt Storring 57:12

Yeah. And then you get upset when they yell at their, you know, siblings, or you or their mom or something like that. And you're like, oh, man, where'd you get that from? It's like, Dude, you know, like, I know, my kids talk a certain way. Because before I figure some of this stuff up, they still say things. Yeah. But I'm like, Oh, I can't believe I told them that. And they're repeating back to me. Yeah. Oh, one

Unknown Speaker 57:29

moments where like, your kids do something. And then I see myself in my kid, and I'm like, Oh, there's another thing I got to work on. Like, where, like, I was kind of ignorant of it. And then I I'm like, wonder what they learned that? Oh, yeah, that's me.

Curt Storring 57:47

Yeah, man, parenting was the thing that like, revealed myself to myself more than anything else. I think it's been like, the single greatest thing in my path to becoming a better man was just being reflected back every part of myself that I did not like. Because apparently, that's how your kids show up, is they just like mirror everything back to you? That sucks. So anyway, it's been a great learning experience for me. I mean, my own personal question is like, how do I get Jack bro? But other than that, I want to know, I want to know where guys can find you. Because you have to Father or pardon me, you have to follow Kyle on Instagram. And if that doesn't jack you up so much and like, start doing this kind of stuff, then I imagine you want to join him? But can you just give us like a quick overview of what you're doing, where people can find you and how to dial in to superhuman fathers.

Unknown Speaker 58:32

Yeah, the best spots Instagram. You know, we're still pretty fresh and new as a business maybe 14 months. And so we're we're working on the getting the website dialed in, and all that stuff. But Instagram has just been like the place to connect with people the most like feel free to reach out DM me with any questions thoughts. Like, I'm all over the community and I love it. And the message that I get from the My community just like it's very, very uplifting. Even the haters, like I've learned to really love the hate, like, just love it. I'm like, Oh, look at this one. This guy's in pain.

Curt Storring 59:11

Oh, dude. Yes. Yeah. Well said.

Unknown Speaker 59:13

I mean. Yeah, so you're gonna have a message that's going to change the world, you are going to ruffle some feathers, man.

Curt Storring 59:21

Yeah, I'm getting used to that right now. Because I used to say things that were kind of I didn't really know what I was doing. And I was just putting some stuff out there. And I got more clear on what I'm here for. And the hate has been like off the charts. And I'm just thinking like, man, these I want to fight these guys. And how am I going to use this for positivity now? And it's so clear almost every time I'm just like, oh man, like I'm sorry, you got hurt? And they're just like, what? And that's what it is man. And that's what we're trying to stop our kids from doing. What What? What is your actual program look like? Is it like a weekly call? Is it one on one coaching? How can guys work inside?

Unknown Speaker 59:56

Oh, do we? We have a lot of contact. We have five zoom calls. A week, just because, like if you're going to live like a savage at this level, like you have to be reminded of your vision, your purpose every day. So we connect a lot we have, we have our own app where you have a, we have a group chat, in that group chat, we we report our nutrition, every single night, we report our wakeup times, we read a book together every week, my wife and I run a zoom call called Marriage mastery we do. We have our original group assholes anonymous, which is the best name ever, I love it. And, and then we also have a transformation Tuesday where one of our guys who went through this whole process and had massive change in his business, his family and his fitness talks about what he learned and kind of how the philosophies helped his life. Those are really my favorites. And then we just give all the details of exactly how to get that massive transformation. And we do a year long coaching and mentoring program right now. Because even on the fitness side, if you want this to stick, and every single one of my guys that's ever had a transformation with me, they're still jacked. Every single one of them, like, find somebody that can say that. Because that's intense mind and heart, my friend, when the change is deep. It sticks. You know, so that's what we work on the mind and the heart. And we prepare the man to live consistently at a high level and continue in every aspect of life to level up to gather because if you do if you're picking and choosing, the whole thing is going to fall apart. It has to all be one that's intense man, and our guys report every week or pictures or way that we make adjustments as necessary to make sure we're making progress.

Curt Storring 1:01:51

Amazing, dude. Well, this has been a pleasure. I'm extra glad that we actually got to connect face to face even though it's on Zoom, or whatever we're on. Anyway, dude, I appreciate what you're doing so much, because like I said, it takes a lot to make me feel like a lazy piece of shit and you've accomplished it. So maybe maybe you'll have to sign up and be your next client inside of your your group man. A man thank you for being here. Dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12

You'd be you'd be one of them. 100 day guys, you're already you already got like that.

Curt Storring 1:02:21

Well, I feel I feel terrible being on this column. Like Oh dude, cow so jacked. I'm glad knowing seeing the video. It's awesome motivation and and I will Okay, man. Thank you so much. I appreciate this. And that's on Instagram. I'll put in the show notes. Pardon me. I'll put the links in the show notes Dad.Work/Podcast. Make sure you leave a review if you've enjoyed this conversation, and we'll see you guys next week.

Thank you for listening to the dad worth podcast. That's it for this episode. But if you would like to stay in touch between weekly episodes, why don't you go over to Instagram and follow me there because I drop a number of things throughout the week that are related to what we talked about on this podcast but usually go a little bit deeper. provide some tips you can find me on Instagram at dadwork.curt. That's DADWORK.CURT And please, if you have been getting something out of this podcast, if it has touched you if it has improved your marriage, your parenting or your life, would you please leave a quick review on Apple or Spotify. leave a rating. If you have a few extra seconds, leave a quick review. That's the best way that we can get this work in the hands of more fathers. And I truly believe that we change the world, one father at a time because each father that parents better that loves better raises children who do the same. And in just a couple of generations. I feel like we could be living in a world much better than the one we live in today. Your review will help along that path. And I thank you so much for being here to listen until next week. We'll see you then.

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