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You want to be a strong, godly family leader. You want a thriving, intimate marriage. You want respectful, resilient kids who grow up to lead, love the Lord, and stay in relationship with you. You want to feel purposeful and confident in your role as head of the household.

In years past, men would learn how to do this from their fathers and the elders around them. Unfortunately, few of us grew up with good role models ourselves. So what do we do?

How do we become the role models we want to be for our kids, so they don’t have to grow up feeling lost like we did?

Becoming a strong family leader requires 5 things:

A Leader’s Mindset, Trust-Buliding Rhythms and Habits, Expert Relational Skills, Legacy Vision and Roadmap, and Brotherhood.

Thankfully fatherhood, marriage, and family leadership are just like workplace skills or sports – you CAN learn how to become an expert. It takes intentionality, discipline, and practice, but it is possible.

Joining DadWork Legacy gives you a clear pathway forward in ALL areas of family leadership.

Develop the mindset, habits, skills, and vision required to build a harmonious household, while getting the life-changing benefit of brotherhood and real community to hold you accountable and support you along the way.


Our courses sell individually for $499. You get immediate access to all of them as part of your membership, with more being added every quarter. These courses will save you YEARS of suffering and thousands of dollars compared to figuring it all out yourself.

Our library currently includes the following courses:

All you need to succeed

These courses will give you everything you need to become an effective family leader. They provide skills-training, challenges, extra resources, and are presented in a video, audio, and text-based format. They are designed to be completed at your own pace, on any device. Go through them alone, or utilize the forum to get feedback from other members.

Married Christian Fathers
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achieve success together

Is this a course? Is this a forum? What is this?

It’s both, and that’s important (and intentional).

You could consider this a Community-Powered Course Library. Come for one or the other, or more impactfully, come for both.

The course catalog itself could keep you busy all year, if you really dove in. You’d get all the skills necessary to lead. And more are being added all the time.

But you’d be missing the one crucial ingredient that all fathers need – brotherhood.

In all of my experience improving from a horrible husband and father to a confident family leader, being around other good men has been a necessary ingredient. Every single course, coaching offer, or event I’ve ever led has had a core focus on being in community, in fellowship, with brothers.

Iron sharpens iron.

The pathway is clear:

Work your way through the courses to bolster your skills, habits, and mindset, while having a group of other intentional Christian fathers there every step of the way to challenge you, support you, share wisdom with you, and hold you accountable.

We will eventually be hosting events, small-group masterminds, and local meetups in 2024 and beyond.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where are all the guys like me who care? Why doesn’t anybody seem to GET it?” Then welcome. We’re the guys like you, who put family first and take our responsibility as the head of the household seriously.

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Code of COnduct and Values

We are guided by our code of conduct and community values.

Our members are welcoming and excited to share this community, but they are also protective of what we’re building together. Any self-promotion or unsavory behaviour is immediately dealt with.

Our members believe in giving more than they take. They know that their generosity is not only fulfilling and essential for this community’s growth, but also comes around tenfold. Members give back through mentorship, hosting events, sharing their experiences, and constructive and honest feedback.

All prospective members are required to read our Code of Conduct.

Where married Christian fathers learn, grow, and develop lasting relationships.



I’ve been married for 12 years, and we have an 11, 9, 4, and 1 year old. Our family life is glorious, filled with meaning, and definitely the best part of my life. I am blessed.

But it didn’t start out that way. In fact, we’ve been on the verge of divorce (WHILE we were traveling the world with 2 of the kids…yikes), and I went through a patch where I was planning on ending my life because of how bad I was for my family.

I was angry, mean, miserable, depressed, anxious, disconnected, and generally hated my life. My kids were scared of me. I’m still surprised my wife stayed by my side.

I started DadWork to share what I’d learned to go from the misery of my early family life, to the blessing that it is today. I know how bad it felt to suck at this. I don’t want that for any man.

The enemy is becoming more and more bold. Children are in the crosshairs. Society would have you believe there is no such thing as objective truth, beauty, and goodness.

It is my mission to help you love and enjoy your family better, but it is equally important for us to build an army of godly family leaders who will stand in the way of foolishness and defend their wives and children from evil and perversion.

I see now that all that I did to turn my life around was done by God, through God, and for God, because the Lord Jesus Christ saved my soul in early 2022. Join me in glorifying God by becoming the family leader you were meant to become.

Join me in becoming hard to kill, easy to love, and equipped to lead.

– Curt Storring, DadWork

Frequently asked questions

What’s at risk

not your fault, but your responsibility

Not knowing how to lead your family as well as you’d want is probably not your fault. You likely never had a good male role model to guide you and pass down generational wisdom.

That sucks, and I can relate.

Yet we can agree that you are still the only one responsible for leading your life and family from this point forward. Whether you deserved the hand you were dealt or not, the outcome will be the same UNLESS you take action.

I’ve worked with too many guys who come to me too late, their wife already having told them she wants a divorce. I don’t need to remind you how soul-crushing (and expensive) that can be.

I’ve worked with men who have adult children who don’t talk to them, and they don’t want to repeat that with their younger children who are still at home.

I’ve worked with men who have spent YEARS at therapy or counseling, spending a fortune but never seeming to get results.

Brother…your wife gave you her life. She may not be perfect, but that’s no excuse for you not to be the man God called you to be.

Your kids did not ask to be born. They rely on you and we are called to raise them well.

I truly believe how we behave in our home will determine the extent of how much God will say of us that we were a “good and faithful servant”.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. We’ve got what you need inside if you take action.

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