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Dad.Work Brotherhood Onboarding Call

Thanks for scheduling your onboarding call!

The purpose of this call is to get you dialed in, explain how to get the most out of the program, and answer any questions you have.

Expect 15-20 minutes.

Check your email for a confirmation, and make sure you add the time to your calendar.


  1. Watch the videos below.
    • The first one is the same one that was on the onboarding page (find that here)
    • The second one explains the Elite Dad Habit Stack and Accountability System that act as the foundation for this program. We can dial any of the habits up or down depending on your situation, but it is VITAL that you watch this video so that we can spend our onboarding call going over more important things.
  2. Setup the My Coach App
    • You will receive an email inviting you to download the My Coach App. Please download it onto your phone and setup your profile. This is how you will access your Habit Stack and the course content.
  3. Join the Slack Community
    • Look out for an invite to our Slack community in your email.
    • Once you’re in, please post a short introduction post in the #networking channel!

Onboarding Welcome Video

Elite Dad Habit Stack Overview

I’m looking forward to diving in and helping you become harder to kill, easier to love, and equipped to lead. Talk soon!

– Curt



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