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Today’s guest is Parker Green.

We go deep today talking about:

  • Why weak fathers correlate directly to a weak society, and what to do about it
  • How to hold your ground in a world determined to destroy fathers and families
  • How to develop spiritual disciplines that aim you toward a life empty of regrets
  • Jesus Christ as the ultimate definition of masculinity
  • How to serve your family and build your community through leadership
  • Why fathers need to go on the offensive and stop ceding ground to evil

Parker Green is a leader, pastor, author, and slightly above average cross-fitter. His core mission in life is to give men the tools to win at life, get on the offensive, and restore masculinity to a generation that’s been told it’s shameful to be a man.

Find Parker online at:
Instagram: @parkerrichardgreen

Resources mentioned:
Way of the Victorious


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Curt Storring 1:20

Alright guys, we're back for another episode of the Dad.Work podcast, I am pumped to have Parker green with me today, dude, thank you so much for showing up. And thanks for sending the book, I was reading through it and like plowed through the whole thing just about in a couple of hours this morning. So highly recommend that we're gonna put a link in the show notes at the end of this episode for people to pick that up, because I would recommend that but I want to talk to you because you've been putting out some content on Instagram. And actually, my wife sent you to me and I was like, let me check this guy out. That happens a lot.

And we'll see same thing that like a lot of the guys who join us, they're like, Oh, my wife sent me I didn't want to look at it. But man, anytime I find someone who is like spinning fire on real topics, unapologetically, like, we're gonna be friends. So I want to have you on here. Because like, so much of this stuff is so real for so many dads, and you're both living it as a dad and a husband, while also like ministering other people through it, presumably. And so I wanted to talk about like the whole? Well, the first topic, I guess, is like weak fathers, correlating to a weak society. Let's just open that Pandora's box because it is so huge. There's so much weakness in the first couple of chapters of your book, you're talking about like, don't be a victim. Like, don't be a victim. But so many of us are so long way of introduction. But where do you want to take the discussion on weak fathers leading to a weak society? Well, I think the first step is, we have a whole society of men and especially fathers that haven't actually stepped into fatherhood in general, mostly, because no one has actually ever shown them how to do that. They actually don't know how to step into fatherhood, they don't know what the first step actually is. And that weakness shows up in

Parker Green 2:59

everything. The whole transgender issue, right now, you're looking at a bunch of Generation Z kids and millennials as well, our generation as well, that have no idea how to raise a family don't want to grow up, it's Peter Pan syndrome all over the place. And I think the church especially which is my field, has failed over the last 50 or 60 years, showing men how to just be men in their household how to lead a family how to do it in an excellent way. And to have male friends that don't just coddle them, but actually challenge them eviscerate them sometimes, in any event in any good male culture. There's a lot of teasing, but it's important. I think the teasing is so important because it opens you up to your flaws and your weaknesses. You're like, actually, it was funny, but it's something I need to work on. And what I mean,

Curt Storring 3:53

yeah, man, there's like I heard someone say, bring back bullying. It's like, well, you know, within a within like the right sphere. That's actually you know, real because like you say, there's nobody, there's no push back. There's no How do I know where my limits are? And actually, that's one of the things that I found and I've got out of it, I'm committing to get back into it soon is like through jujitsu. I did a couple months of that before Canada shut literally everything down. And I was a terrorist for that. So I wasn't able to train anymore. But in those two months that I was doing that I learned where my limits were, and I think that's so important in having masculine friends around you, but like, man, like 8000 issues already that I just wanted to dive into. But how are we doing this then? Because for me, like I literally see my role as teaching men the things that I had to learn the hard way that almost cost me my life because I felt so bad about things. I didn't have that leadership of here's how to be a dad, here's that'd be a man hears every husband, and I'm like, Dude, it literally was costing my life because I felt so bad. I was gonna end it all. When I work with guys. It's like, I'm not an elder yet. And so I'm coming alongside you. I can't tell you what to do with you. It worked for me. But where else? Are we seeing this? Because I want to know personally for me, how are guys being taught this? If the dads are not out there teaching them working a listener go to be like, how do I even become a man? Where do you learn this? Because like you said, nobody's teaching it.

Parker Green 5:16

Right, you have to want it. I think that's the first step, I think you have to want the actual responsibility. And that was the first step for me stepping into fatherhood, when you have that first kid. You know, our son, David, when he was born in 2016, life radically changed, you're no longer the most important human being in your universe, even when you're married. You know, there's that first step. And that's why I think I agree with Jordan Peterson on this, that you don't really become an adult until you have kids, until you're actually responsible for someone else, and realizing that the outcomes of his life would be highly determinant on how I raised him, and how I treated his mother. And how I kept our household in order, even down to the brass tacks of just exercise, like my kid now he's, he's seven years old, about to be seven years old. And he'll wake up in the morning, sometimes five 6am, and just be out on the barbells with me in a hilarious, like seven year old kind of way, but he's out there because he sees me doing it. And I think what we need in our life, first of all, is is a clear example of masculinity. And that's actually what I found in the Bible. That's what I found in Jesus was a clear example of self sacrifice. You have this man who took on literally the sin of the world, we think about that as like almost like a weakness, the cross being a weakness. But while he's praying in the garden of guests enemy, he is taking on the burden that his father has given him. And I think that's the thing we need to first do is take on a burden, take on the burden and take personal responsibility that was telling some of our students this morning, we have a school here called the commission, that we need to take personal responsibility for the state of the world as it's in right now. A lot of us point fingers, it's the Democrats, it's them. It's Trudeau, it's whatever it is, like, it's that person's fault, right. But really, those people are in positions of power is because fathers have not taken personal responsibility for their households, they haven't shown up, we've created a huge power vacuum, a vacuum of strength throughout Western society that has allowed weak men to step in positions of power, and and start tearing the whole thing down. So I think to start to start, I started in the Bible, and I'd highly recommend anybody looking at the person of Jesus in a brand new way, this is what I challenge people to do. You may think Jesus is a feminine, he was like a hippie walking around touching people being nice to everyone. But if you go through the four Gospels, and highlight in blue, everything Jesus says that is highly offensive, that is rude. That is confronting, like the whip, he takes and fashions overnight and clears out the temple, he could have been killed for that on the spot. If you go through that, and then highlight in pink, like buy a cheap Bible or steal one from a hotel room from the Gideon. So whatever you've got to do, but highlight in pink, all the things that seem a feminine, this seemed like a female aspect of of what we would say our Christian values, you will be shocked at how much Jesus was openly confronting society, and was just generally a baller, like how he went and not caring about what anyone thought about him. And he decided the time of his own death, none of us get to do that. But taking on that burden, right off the bat, I became fascinated with the person of Jesus in that way. He wasn't just someone I could love. Because love doesn't mean a whole lot to men. I'm in a lot of context and situation has been so watered down. But he was someone I could respect. And that's when I really I think I became a real believer. I was like, Oh, I respect this man. And I can do what he did. And that's where we should start and second. Find other men in your life that are doing exactly what you want to do. People are so hungry for father figures. And third, give it away. I think giving it away to other people is what actually teaches you it's like, if you're going to teach someone how to like quit pornography, for example, which is like kind of which is trending right now you have all these masculine dudes that are disciplined in every area of their life, but can't keep it in their pants, right? So you have these men you're teaching how to discipline themselves. You better be doing it yourself. There's like an element of good shame where you're like, I discipline myself. I can actually teach them something if that makes sense. Oh, that's my 1233 step process to transform life and masculine.

Curt Storring 9:51

Let's go okay, and a podcast. There we go. Yeah, no, that's really important. I always like actually do the work that I tell my guys to do inside of our product. Random like, here's my screenshots of me doing the habit stack. Because yeah, I want to lead from example not be a hypocrite, which is one of those things that Jesus tells people, you're a hypocrite. And that's like one of those blue, confrontational highlights. And man, it was literally the masculinity of Jesus that caught my eye and removed the veil from my face when I saw this, like a year and a half ago now. And in the book, the way what is it called way of the victorious I should say, your new book is coming out or just came out, I think,

Parker Green 10:28

technically release is July 3, but we can get you the secret sauce, if you want to see Chris can get people in on it early.

Curt Storring 10:34

Okay, so by the time this comes out, it'll be like a month away. So put that in the early waitlist or whatever you want to do find that but you say basically, that Jesus was like the one person who could truly innocently claim that he was a victim. And yet, like, did he ever use that as his identity? Not once. And I think that's an important piece to maybe touch on in the masculinity of Christ and how we as men should be following that. Can you talk a little bit about victim culture and using excuses these days? Absolutely,

Parker Green 11:01

I think I read the abridged version of the Gulag Archipelago, and Solzhenitsyn comes to the conclusion that it's actually his fault that he's in the gulags in Siberia coverage, it's one of the most eye opening experiences. I mean, he goes through the depravity he sees the rapes that are happening on a daily basis, people wasting away. You know, people being told they're gonna be released and then kept in people trying to run away being whipped, beaten, tortured, worked to the bone in the snow in Siberia, for punishment as small as what he wrote in a letter on the frontlines of World War Two, by the way, he criticized Stalin's tactics in one sentence, and as soon as he finished beating the Germans, they put them on a truck to Siberia. And he decided, by the end of his time there that it was actually his fault. Because he hadn't resisted the revolution. He hadn't spoke up when it was time to speak up, he hadn't held the line when it was time to hold the line. And in a world where we have a victim Olympics, nobody wins. And that's what nobody realizes, when it comes to victimization, like people are victimized, right, but you cannot have an identity of a victim. That's why you see this two tiered process of some people that become victims, and that's their identity. That's what they're going to do with the rest of their life is claim that, that victim status, and then you have people that have had the worst, horrific, awful lives, come out on top, somehow, raise an amazing family, and do something incredible. And when it comes to Jesus Himself, He lived a perfect life. And so he's the only person that was actually could actually claim the fact that he was a victim on the cross, but he flips that on its head by saying, I deciding the day of my death. So even Jesus, the one who could claim that he was actually a victim, and completely perfect says, No, you know what I'm choosing the day and the hour, my father is choosing the day in the hour. And for us personally, it's really important for us to be in a position where we're actually in control of what we're in control of, there's a personal sovereignty involved here. If you want your life to improve, you take responsibility, if you want it to continue sucking, if you want it to continue, you know, repeating yourself with broken relationships and a broken life and broken finances and not achieving what you want to achieve. Go ahead and be a victim. But look at what it's produced 50 plus percent of people on medication for some kind of psychological issue, there's an enormous rate of suicide that's never been around before. In younger generations, there's a lack of hope in general. And that's because people think they're powerless. And society is teaching you as a man, especially. Because if they can get you, they can get everyone a man, especially that you're a victim of the world around you, but you never actually are you can always contain your freedom, even in prison, you can be free. There's so many examples of men that have stood up to all kinds of power and never decided to be a victim. So in our society, I think it's it's pervasive, because it's easy. Because if you're responsible for the disaster of your life, you've got to clean up the mess. I remember the first time I was a kid, and my room was a total disaster. And I cried, I think I was like seven or eight years old, because my room was a mess. And my mom looks at me in the eye and she says, You created the monster, you have to kill it. She sent me in there until I was done cleaning up. And that's a lesson I'll obviously never forget. If you made the mess. You got to clean it up. Yeah,

Curt Storring 14:35

man. And this touches on what I am seeing today, especially as light as I you know, I've got so many people that comment on my stuff on Instagram. It is a hoot. Like it is one of the favorite things that used to really like bothered me because I was like, oh, no, everyone's thinking I'm stupid. Now I'm like, oh, no, this is good. If people are

Parker Green 14:51

like to get in a fight, fight on Instagram, and it makes me feel alive.

Curt Storring 14:58

And so that's sort of like what I'm trying to go with it now. And I see people who are like, Well, yeah, but you don't understand, like, I've been abused or this has happened to me and like, Don't you know that God loves me more than he loves, you know, the sanctity of marriage? Like he just he said that, yes, but he actually loves me more. So like, I've heard this from a lot of non believers, obviously, he expect that from even from believers, who are like, Yeah, but you don't understand, like, my mind is different. And he loves me so much, you wouldn't want me to suffer in this situation. So like, I'm just gonna do it my way. Cuz I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit is telling me that actually know what, what does the Bible say? It's very clear. For instance, there's one about a marriage. It's like, you know, abusive marriage. That's obviously terrible. And I don't want that to ever happen. It's not You're not being a good Christian, if that is your marriage. But are you called to leave that because of that? Well, Jesus is very clear. That's not that's that doesn't lead to, you know, whatever. So that's, like you said, it's a tough one. But we're like,

Parker Green 15:54

yeah, yeah, we're

Curt Storring 15:55

looking at people who are like, dude, no, this doesn't apply to me, because I'm special. And I think I read a little bit about your book, too. You talked about like specialness, right?

Parker Green 16:03

Yeah. You're not special. I think. I think that's, I think that's the most important thing my generation and the next generation needs to hear is you're actually not that special. And you're unique. And you have unique gifting, you have unique talents, and you have a unique ability. But the reality is, when it comes to pain, specifically to pain and abuse, you're not unique and special. You you have a perspective on your pain, that it's actually detrimental to you. Whereas most people that succeed in life in this aspect, and I'm talking about success on the family level, I'm talking about success as finding true joy in life, real happiness in life. They've taken their pain, and said, You know what I'm going to do with this, I'm going to turn it right on its head. And I'm going to use this against evil. And they define evil in their life, and they turn that pain into something that's actually beautiful. It's like turn, it's turning the literal manure of your life into a garden, it's turning it completely around the garbage in your life can be something better. And when people say, Oh, God loves me more than XYZ, he wants me to be happy. It actually never says that in the Bible. He wants you to be obedient so that your joy is full, and joy is completely different. And when he talks about love, he talks about love in a context that we can't even understand because we've ruined it so much. Love is laying your life down. And that's what men need to realize every single day that you wake up when it comes to your wife when it comes to your children. When it comes to the people that you can possibly be mentoring in your life, your call is to die for them. Your call is to have them stand on your shoulders. And that's what every hero in every story does read even some of the good old Greek myths like they're, they're having people stand on their shoulders on their sacrifice, they're growing out of their desks. And I think it's one of those things that that men need to realize is that dying is actually love to people's like, you know what? That little thing that my wife does, that's driving me crazy. It's grinding my gears. Like, I just need to die. Like after a few years you like you're bothered about how they chew their food. Right? And you're like, you know what, now's a good time to die. And it seems silly. But if you're already bitter towards them, that kind of stuff can build up and cause separation in your life. So for me, that's kind of the biggest thing. The definition of love is a huge passion of mine, because a lot of people just obviously the whole Love is love movement, the whole LGBTQ AI movement, or cult, as it has become, has thrown it around and thrown it in the trash and the churches. The church is responsible for that, because we haven't defined it well. Hmm. Man. Am I Interesting?

Curt Storring 18:58

Yeah, no, that's a very interesting take. And I feel like that's, you talked about holding ground, right? Like I think in the family specifically, you said like, hold your ground or might have been on Instagram I can remember was Booker Instagram, but find out

Parker Green 19:11

eventually become some kind of put it.

Curt Storring 19:14

Like that is so important for the battle, I think because here's a couple of things I want to tie together. You've got the definition of love. And that is so defined by you know, the Bible and what Christ says love is and we're supposed to die to self. We are supposed to love our wife as Christ loved the church. What did you do for us? Literally lay dice his life down,

Parker Green 19:40

and there is no back from the dead, which is important.

Curt Storring 19:43

That is a very important part of it. Yeah, but there's also like the part where man like what is it the like, No greater love has no man than this than to lay out his life for his friends. Best friends. Exactly. And so you've got this there's a definition of love. There's definition there's, there's like forward move. MIT in the so called battle, and I want to frame it as a battle. Because I don't think there is any room for neutral left, even 10 years ago, you could be a so called libertarian and be like, you know, they're just going to do what they're going to do as long as it doesn't impact me. But dude, they are coming for you and your children, whether you like it or not, there is no neutral left, you're either on the side of good or you're the side of evil, and they're going to take you over if you're just being a passenger. And so I think this whole thing, like standing your ground in your home as a father is fundamental to what it means to being a man. And I wonder if that like, maybe let's just riff on that for a bit. What do you mean? Absolutely. In the ground? How do you do that? As a man in today's world where everyone's against you?

Parker Green 20:41

Well put your money where your mouth is, I think is the first thing. We had this huge explosion in the United States. I don't know if it's happening in in Canada right now or not where you guys are, but right now in the United States is the huge thing with target. Great, oh,

Curt Storring 20:55

we've went down this path like 10 years ago, we're so dead in it. So ahead

Parker Green 20:58

of the curve. Yeah, exactly. Well, I think what my perspective is, is that most men, most people aren't first of all, as important as they think. But second of all, you're more important than you think at home. You're irreplaceable at home. You're irreplaceable in your family. So when I talk about standing your ground, we have some great schools here where I am in North Carolina, like they're super patriotic, they were wearing masks for like one week before all the parents had a complete meltdown, and overran the school board. Like all that kind of stuff happens. They have the big Fourth of July parade. So it's like as far as public schools are concerned in the United States, you know, sitting pretty, but for us, what they were teaching just wouldn't line up with our core values long term, it didn't line up with where we're aiming, it didn't line up with us as a mission for our family. So standing our ground meant homeschooling three kids, when both of us are full time, it looks like a complete transition to a different way of life. What we need to do, if we're going to hold our ground is almost build a parallel society. That's my big thing. Right now we build a parallel society with our families. Wow. Why is your marriage working? Why are you guys still together? Why is your sex life working? And mine isn't? Why is sleeping around not not working and making me feel empty? Why is my job not fulfilling? It's like because you don't have anywhere to actually stand. You haven't defined your life in a way where you can say this far and no further, Don't come any closer. Don't touch my kids, you have no ground to stand on here. It's my family. And I'm in charge here. And we've given away our kids to a society that doesn't care about them. They're seen as tools in a machine. And if you want your kids to be tools in a machine, go ahead, you know, you may have a psychological disorder. But giving your kids away to a machine like that is is tantamount to sacrificing your children, for your own comfort. What we have to realize is that as fathers, especially laying down our lives right now gives our children and opportunity to still live in a free society to still live in a society where they can pursue what they want to pursue. And I think John Adams said it really well. But I'm going to paraphrase. He's like, I'm going to study war, so my children can study politics and art. And I think for us, it's a time to study war. What does the war look like? It's a war of words, first of all, and it's a war of action. So stand your ground, open your mouth, when it's time to open your mouth. Elect local officials that actually matter. Because politics ends up being all local, in the end, make a difference, where you can actually make a difference. And that means spending time with your kids showing them how to live that means loving your wife setting an example. And it happens so often with with our kids in different circles, it'll happen with yours, too. When they're raised, right. They're like, your kids are awesome. They're amazing to be around. And it seems like you really love your wife after you know, this is our 10 year anniversary coming up in September. After 10 years, we're more in love with each other than we've ever been before. And that's what really matters in the end. And people don't realize that right now, because they're chasing paganism. They're chasing a broken system. They're chasing humanism. And if you can show them, show them not just talk about it, but show them that's how you hold your ground. And if violence comes, it comes I hope it doesn't come but in that case, then stand your ground in the same way at least in the United States. We still retain the ability to do that. So you're welcome in my home anytime if things go Boogaloo. You're welcome. Anytime stand our ground together. Oh, my

Curt Storring 24:40

goodness, man, I went underneath want to get into it because people are gonna go nuts with why we were planning in case everything went so here. But we don't live that far from the border. So we're just going to, you know, find our way across somehow. Anyway, there's some crazy stuff going on here and I heard about the target thing.

Parker Green 24:56

What a time to be alive though. What an amazing opportunity. I mean, Pete, I think some men in some societies pray for a time like this where evil is out in the open. Right? Evil is wide out in the open, and my dad served in Vietnam. And I think one of the things that a lot of people don't realize that America won the Tet Offensive, we push them back. And they had huge losses on the North Vietnamese side. Because before that, they were fighting a smart war against an overpowering enemy. They were hiding, moving, sticking and moving constantly. But when they came to full confrontation, and the enemy was out in the open, the US troops were built for that our whole system is built for that. So when it comes to Christianity, the church standing your ground, even if you have Judeo Christian values in general, and you're like, yeah, maybe mutilating children is the wrong thing to do, which is like, if you're a normal human being with a soul, yeah, then you realize that that's the wrong thing to do. standing your ground looks like wow, the enemy is really out in the open, how do we stop this as soon as possible, and use whatever power you have to stop it because your children and your children's children actually depend on you doing it? Right now. War is upon you. It's one of my favorite lines from Lord of the Rings. When he talks he's talking. Aragon is talking to what's his name, I'm forgetting right now. The king of the horse people. That first name? Oh, yeah,

Curt Storring 26:18

we do. We're just watching the first time and you're so I don't know the guy's name. But I understand. Yeah,

Parker Green 26:23

but say it and say it. He's talking to say he's like, we're gonna decide if we go to war. And everyone's like, no wars upon you. And that's what a lot of men need to realize. It's whether you like it or not, the bullets are flying. So you might as well get in the fight.

Curt Storring 26:35

Dude, that makes me want to get into Yeah, it makes me want to, like push even harder, because that is so true. And I don't think that a lot of us are willing to look at that even because now it becomes literally like a world wide offensive, it seems. And a spiritual wide, like literally entirely, like covering of all things. You know, it's not local anymore when it's the principalities that are coming at you. And I think it points to just how true all of this is how right we are. Because look around the world, what's being attacked. It's only this. It's only goodness, it's only Christ. It's only Judeo Christian values. Like you said, people aren't over in the Middle East fighting specifically. It's like, look, they have the same Abrahamic religion, whatever. But like, why is it just us? And it's because the West has something different. It's built on Christ. And I think that's the thing that a lot of people don't understand is look around you what's being attacked, that's probably the real thing. Otherwise, it wouldn't be being attacked. And this is one of the things that I really, like, understood looking into this, like, oh, it's real, because everyone's against it. And that was so important for that funny. Yeah. And and to pick up like that, that burden of war, in a sense, and to realize a couple of things. Number one, even if you know violence comes, we win, like no Christ, Christ is, Lord, whether or not you want to admit that you will bend the knee one day, and that's very hopeful. But also we've been placed here for this specific point in history. Yes. And I think that for me was very inspirational. Because my wife goes, Man, well, what about? What about the kids I don't want him to suffer. I'm like, Look, I pulled out that quote, I don't know who said it. But it's, you know, don't be afraid. Don't be ashamed to raise dragon slayers and times of dragons. So we're here for this reason that we must take a stand, like you said, on being strong men. How else are you guys doing that? Because we also do the same thing with homeschool. We got four under 10. Two of them are schools. Next ones coming up. But the school that we moved, like, literally 30 seconds from I can see it out when we know they were going there. It was a great school so to speak. They have got like those flags, the rainbow and triangle, whatever things on the kindergarten, windows, kindergarten, and I'm like, thank the Lord that we took them out of there because who knows what they're doing inside the classrooms. But like, how else are you putting your money? where your mouth is? It's speaking out it's writing books. It's living a good life. It's loving your wife. It's taking the kids out. What are the other practical things? And maybe this even goes into habits and disciplines

Parker Green 29:04

Yeah, I think and that's right where I was gonna go so read each other's minds I think perfectly perfectly suits this time and age a soldier is well disciplined and he doesn't box the air Paul the Apostle says we don't we don't run a race without aim we we run in our lane, run according to the rules that God has actually set out for us and live a well ordered life and for me. As soon as the newborn phase started, it was a 4am Wake up for me. For him wake up before the sun comes up being in the word praying, and then working out before my family even wakes up. So by the time 630 rolls around, I'm ready to serve. I'm ready to be the servant of my household. And and I serve by leading I don't want people to miss read that saying, Let everything slack off in your house and do everything around your house and that's your job. What serving looks like for men in their household is actually leading Their family well. And one thing a minister said to me that was really, really important was your wife is going to be your best disciple. And I know that sounds out of the ordinary in our society, but the reality is, she is watching you. She's watching whether or not you do what you say you're going to do. I just finished 75 hard on Friday. And she saw me out in the gym. At 9pm. After we put the kids to sleep up the next morning at four in the morning, doing it twice a day, we're going to some of the nicest restaurants across the country with our like, traveling ministry, and she really wants me to try this bread. And I'm like, Sorry, no bread, it's just not happening. And she's literally irate. But, but, but here's the thing she would rather in the end, the long game is she would rather watch me do what I say, then give in to something like that, because it actually makes her feel safe in the decisions that I'm making going forward. And we've started a church here in North Carolina, and not backing down on the culture, not backing down on what the word actually says and living a well ordered life. And when it comes to the home itself, even how I fix my bed, how I sweep a floor, it's one of the main things my dad said to me when I was a kid, if you can sleep sweep a floor, well, you can do anything well. And it translates to so many other things. And watching my kids, I think, and not just watching them, like looking after them. But I see myself in them, and they copy what I do. I'll tell them all day long. And it's the same thing with the people I lead in the church and in ministry. Like you can go preach a good message and everyone preaches. By the way everyone talks, you can go preach a good message. And if you're not doing it, nobody cares. Nobody cares. That's why society is looking up to guys like Jocko willing. And in all kinds of random dudes that are online saying, I'm doing this and I'm doing that they're latching on to anybody that's doing something. So do something. And as far as disciplines are concerned, that is my life. And that's what this book is about. It's about ordering your life in a way that produces good things that produces what we'd call fruit that you can actually eat and your family lives off of. So that's where it starts. For me, it starts in the early morning. And I think there's something about it, man, I know some guys do it in the evening or whatever. But there's something about the morning waking up before my family and being ready for them. As opposed to letting life take me I'm in I've got my hands on the handles of my life. And that's what discipline has done for me, and it feeds the passion of my life. So that's one of the things that I do. In our household. I mean, there's all kinds of stuff we've built around it, we take communion together every night, we have a chore chart for our kids. We're teaching them how to handle money. We're teaching them, Hey, you don't do what everyone else does. This is how we roll in our family, we have a family motto, obedience is success. It doesn't matter what the outcome looks like, you always do the right thing. The outcome is the long game. It's not right now it's not the next minute. Obedience is success. So doing what the word actually says on a daily basis, and not worrying about the outcome, leaving that to God leaving the things that you can't control to him. And I almost like almost want to tattoo without being cheesy that says obedience is success, like put it over our door, you know, because it's really guided our whole life. It's guided us selling everything and moving three times it's guided starting this church, it's it's guided how we raise our children, because that's what Jesus did, is he was he was a servant, He came to serve, and he was obedient to the point of death. And that's what we're aiming for. Because if I can do that every day, then when the time comes, I'm already used to it. And you don't have anything to be afraid of at that point,

Curt Storring 33:52

right? I can't help but wonder if we are actually the same person and we don't. Because your daily schedule is exactly the same as mine. These are all things that we do as well. And I'm just like, man, it's rare. It's so rare, because when you're out operating the world, you do get the looks and you get the questions and you get the Yeah, what what do you guys doing? Why do your children do this? Why are they you? So like successful? Why do you love each other so much? Because you get everyone else who's complaining about their spouse, you get the kids running wild with no boundaries, you get like no obedience at all. And there's no long term thinking and men, like we've got, you know, in terms of finances, we've got our kids breaking down their money into different buckets. And we talked about we're the same person. Like the other day, my wife was like, Oh, I'm reading through exodus to the family right now. And we're getting to the 10 commandments. And that's another thing, by the way, as a leader, your family, I think should be the spiritual leader of your family, which means Oh, yeah, bringing the Bible to them, because I know my wife doesn't have all the time in the world to sit down and do that even though I encourage her in that. She's got four kids homeschooled with a baby, all the rest of this kind of stuff. I'm like, I'm gonna read the Do you actually, and my kids get that too? So we read a chapter every night before bed. We just did the 10 commandments. And she was like, Hey, I saw this somewhere and taught the kids for homeschool the 10 commandments, using like fingers to, I don't know, some sort of like the first one teacher trick. Yeah, exactly some teacher trick on like using the fingers to learn the 10 commandments. And it's so freakin awesome to do things like that, because they are like head and shoulders above their peers. And I mean, like, physically, because we feed them, you know, meat and butter and cheese and like actual food. But also in terms of like, they can hardly interact with kids their age anymore. Because you're like, hey, I don't wear sweatpants. I don't I've never played video games. I don't really watch TV. And I read like, you know, books that adults read? What do we have in common, and there's a burden on a father to raise his children like that, because it's lonely. And that I think I've been really just thinking lately, the last little while, there is an element of isolation that you must combat when you have a family like this, because it is rare, even though it is just objectively right. And I wonder if you've come across that too, and how you found Brotherhood or community and whether or not that's even important.

Parker Green 36:11

Yeah, I think what draws real community when it comes to men, if you're having a problem with this is an overall vision. If you ever take a look at how men actually spend time together, it's usually side by side, circling men up and having them look in the eye with each other feels a lot like counseling, and men will avoid it like the plague. So when it comes to actually getting together, I've got this little Thursday morning gathering we do with men in our church, it's called the church of iron, they come in at 5am. And we work out together in my home gym that I built downstairs. And a lot of real conversations happen there. A lot of transformation happens there, because you're doing something neutral. So when it comes to getting to know other men, I think one of the biggest things that we need to do is get a life and have a hobby and do something important. And that fixates our attention. I don't care what it is, as long as it's a positive thing. But if you want to get to know other people that are discipline, other people that are raising their kids, the way you're raising your kids, do things that have a broader picture, a broader vision and a broader war. The closest people together in the whole world, the closest male relationships in the world are men that go to war together, why? They don't like join the Marines thinking, You know what I'm going to, I'm going to make some really good friends. And I'm so excited to make some really good friends, right? I just can't wait to have my buddies. Like, yeah, they end up with close relationships, because they have a common mission, a common purpose, and they're willing to die for each other. And if you can find that, you know, even in yourself, well, it's going to be outside of yourself, to be honest. But if you find it outside of yourself, that bigger vision, you'll find that other people are actually attracted to that. So if you don't have Don't be a victim, again, if you Oh, I'm so isolated. I'm the only one doing this. No, you're not. What you haven't done is LED. And that was one of the reasons that we started a church out here is because I was just scratching my itch. I was like, You know what I want some people that are on the same mission that are full of fire that are full of faith that are that are resolute I want men around me that are full of life and vitality, raising families in the same age and stage as I'm at. So you know what, I'm going to start a church, I'm going to put up the flag and say anyone that wants to come over here and do this with us, come do it with me. So if you don't have a group like that lead one, and you'll find actually more fulfillment and serving those men than saying, oh, I need guys to support me. Look, you're never gonna find complete fulfillment in that like, that's like, what, that's what children do. That's a daddy issue. Just so you know. So deal with the daddy issue, get out there and lead and other men will be magnetized toward that vision. My wife knows this rule now like long road trips are where she gets at me, because I'm not staring her in the face because men psychologically when you're looking them in the eye, and this is if any wives are listening to this right now I want to give you a key to communicating with your husband, looking him in the eye is actually a challenge and his heart rate goes up. So if you get a chance to talk to him, do something neutral with him go on a walk with him going along drive with them. The only time I've like really cry in front of my wife or get to the deepest personal meaning of my life, or we plan for the future is when I'm driving because I'm doing something else. I don't feel like I'm trapped in a conversation. Right? So so for those of us that are men listening to this podcast right now, I would say start something awesome and neutral that you can do together and pick up a hobby that is leans masculine. I mean hunting trips, for me have been a huge boon have gone hunting with other pastures in western Montana. If you don't have the money for something like that, if you're on a budget, you know, it doesn't even matter start a yard game thing or a game ballclub it literally doesn't matter. Dudes are looking for some level of connection and they'll do it. Right. So lead the way,

Curt Storring 40:08

man. Okay, well, this is, you know, maybe you're speaking to me here I was, I was meeting with my pastor the other day for dedication for my baby. And I was like, Hey, by the way, is there a dad's ministry? Because I've got dad work this like an online thing are about to be what? Exactly. He's like, Well, no, why don't you start one? And I was like, Oh, right. That's what I should do. Because the same sort of thing. I've got a guy in our, in our group, one of the men in our group, he is looking to create like a Bibles and barbell club. And I'm, like, greatest idea ever. And he's like, maybe I should just invite guys to my home, which is exactly what you just said. And I've been thinking about building the home gym like Raj. I'm like, maybe I'll just do the same thing. And so it's a way to write it off. There you go. Exactly. Oh, man. I didn't even think about that. Much. Accountant, tax lawyer as I'm sure you're not. Anyway. Man. Yeah, that's awesome. I love the leadership aspect, because so many guys, like they're not willing to leave until they see other men do it. And that's not that courageous, I think you should just leave because like, if you're the last man on earth, and you just stand up to evil, good for you. Suffering is like commendable, I think. And I think that at least we're having these conversations. So maybe the guy who's like been beaten down by the culture. Maybe he's been beaten down in the workplace. He's like, Well, nobody else is doing this. Maybe you can now actually take that and run with it. Maybe you can get that courage. Maybe you can see that, like, you're gonna have to be the guy who does the thing. Because if you don't, nobody else does. You're gonna live a life of regret. And can you imagine living a life of regret? Like, I've just been such like an action bias in my life, when people are like, Oh, what do you regret? Like, what? What is regret? Like, I'm just gonna do the thing, because it would feel terrible. And I had a guest last week, Ben Barker. So I can't imagine being at four and going like, well, what if, like, oh, yeah, what a god. Just do the thing? I don't know. Like, I assume this is no not I'm gonna ask you the question. You're obvious action by as many have you worked with guys like in ministry? Or in brotherhood? Who are not action by us? Who you're like, just do the thing, bro? And how do you get men off the acts to actually do something other than just like, show them the way I lead? Like you said, Yeah,

Parker Green 42:11

pain and fear is the first motivation for most people. Unfortunately, that's how most of it happens. So I would ask the question, like you just mentioned, and this is the vision I have for my life, what do you see as an old man? Like, sit down in your big leather chair? What do you see happening around you? When you're 85 years old? You know, you're in the sunset of your life in some way, shape, or form? Judging, if you make it to 85, whatever that looks like, what do you see around you. And for me, what I see is a house full of family, a house that I own a house in the mountains, where everyone has come out, my extended family has come out to celebrate Christmas with us. And I'm providing for everything, providing rooms taking care of them, I'm seeing little children, I'm seeing my grown children, I'm down to the second or if I'm really lucky, like job like third generation, right, get really old and get to see great, great grandbabies. Right, great grandbabies. And what motivates me when I wake up in the morning is that picture in my heart and that picture in my mind of an extended family. Now, if you don't have a picture like that in your heart, and in your mind, your motivation is what's happening to you right now. And to move people toward an action bias, like you're saying, to move people towards spiritual disciplines, what they need to realize is that discipline is the way toward what they actually want. And doing what they're doing right now isn't working. So waking up people waking up men, especially to the idea that what they're doing right now is happening to them, and motivating them to the point in the positive aspect where you can actually have to a degree, what you want, when unexpected things happen. tragedy happens, don't get me wrong. But the aim is what creates the discipline. Disciplines don't create discipline on their own. It's like what you're aiming for actually produces discipline. It's like, like working out, it's not just working out. For me, it's being and having the ability to produce extreme violence in a moment if I need to, and being strong enough to carry all three of my kids upstairs to bed, because I don't know how long that's actually going to last. And then thinking data strong and then feeling like they're safe. It's not just exercise. It's not aesthetics for me anymore. It's a performance issue. So for me, things like that, I think move people towards a bias and walking them through their life up to this point and saying, look, what are the things you regret like you're talking about? And how could that have changed? Now, let's imagine you have the ability not to completely control your future, but at least control some of the outcomes in your future. What would you do right now? And about it's a 5050 take To be honest, I get about half the guys jump right in half the guys just aren't going to move. There's so much easier to move, move a steering car, I've learned that in discipleship, which is kind of like mentoring in the Christian world. If they're not already moving a direction, it's really hard to get them going. That's why you see like drug addicts and people that have messed up lives, or they're separated from their wives and their life is falling apart. Like crazy people, they turn around real quickly, because the cars already moving at a breakneck speed. So all they need to do is turn it around, they know how to they know how to act already. It's just giving them the right actions.

Curt Storring 45:38

I never thought I'm gonna like that. But that's actually a perfect metaphor, man. And it's so much easier if you're just doing something even if it's the wrong thing. Now, you can find the right thing. But if you're just contemplating like, I don't know, man, like I got this plan. But it might be scary. I might not win, I might not wear I'll just think about it some more. And then you never get off the x. And then the years go by, yeah, they don't have to be going by Yeah, kids don't get any younger. One day, they'll leave the home. And what are you going to let be left with? Oh, no, I never actually did anything with kids. Oh, no, my wife has now gone because I didn't show up. Like these are the actual regrets. As a father, you literally will lose everything. If you don't take action now. And this is where I try and get guys on all the time. As a man, you can put it off while I didn't want kids anyway, as a freaking dad, man, there is no excuse not to take action because you will literally lose everything. Because every single day is a moment closer to when they leave, and your influence goes away. And they when they become adults get to choose whether you're in their life or not. Do you want to be the parent who sees maybe hears from them on Christmas once per year, because they call you like, oh my goodness, if we weren't already the same person, I have the exact same goal. But that is my vision. That is my long term. It's not Christmas together. We get a capital letter. Alberta Trudeau reference your mind already. But dude, like mine is not crisp, because I hate the coal mines like

Parker Green 46:57

playing offense. You know what I mean? It's like what you're talking about is playing offense and stop, stop playing defense in your life. You've got the ball, you've been given the ball you are in charge of your life to, to a great degree. So pick up the ball and run with it. And I think that's the issue with the church. That's the issue that we've had with family. We keep playing defense, please don't pass this law. Please don't do this. Please don't do this. Instead of saying no, this is how it's going to be and we're going to actually take ground from you. Like imagine indoctrinating kids to be Christians in public schools, how much people would freak out, like and not telling parents? Or at least, you know, we baptize your children baptized the whole class this week. Let's go like how much liberals have flashed the handle. And we're like, you know what you can teach them this is just play. You know what, though? They're gonna figure it out. It's like, no, they're not. That's eight hours a day, five days a week. It's more time than they have with you. And they're parenting your kids for you. They're indoctrinating your kids. For you. You need to indoctrinate children. I know. It's a bad thing to say like that word indoctrination. But the reality is we need to learn to teach our kids how to live in a completely different way and play offense with them play offense with society play offense in the workplace play offense everywhere we go. Always be the buyer, not the seller. That puts you in an advantageous, advantageous position. It's like you're not desperate for it, but I'm gonna win. In the end. We're gonna win.

Curt Storring 48:24

Man, the the word that I use, the other day was brainwash. And I was like, Yeah, I do, I actually do want to brainwash them. Because if I don't, you will. And yeah, you can call it brainwashing and make it sensational for the clicks or whatever. But at the end of the day, it's here's the worldview. And why wouldn't you as a parent want to pass that on to your kids unless you don't think it's right. And if you're not doing that actively, like you say, taking the offense. I like a lot of men think they've been neutered. And they haven't actually looked down to realize they haven't. Like, there's everyone's against you and what you said about like the offense, the attack, I've often thought and look, I'm a new Christian. I'm like, a year and a month into it. And so I keep waiting for the day where I'm like, This isn't like that exciting anymore. I am so laid out by this. And for anyone who's not laid out by this, actually, I read it in your book, you're like, how can people not read the Bible every day? Like, are you kidding me? It's literally everything you need to know. I feel the same way. And when people come at me, and they scoff like, you believe in sky Daddy, what we should do instead, which is like the stupidest thing to say to someone by the way, like you're not the thing that I think Christians need to do instead and fathers we need to be the one scoffing and I don't mean that in like a negative, hurtful, whatever way bring the compassion, bring love, bring mercy and grace and all the rest of it. But why aren't we scoffing and going like, what if you don't believe this? Like, are you kidding me? Are you realize I'm working out for you? Yeah, exactly. Why don't we bring the scoffing energy that the world brings to us and start pushing back? And I think people don't know what to do as soon as you put truth and ask them to defend their so called position. They just break down and either start screaming with a megaphone or go I'm just going to have to get back to you. And so you will win. If you stand up for good, and people don't like men look down, you've still got your balls. Still there. Yeah.

Parker Green 50:10

Grab on to him if you just cuddle them for a moment.

Curt Storring 50:18

Yeah, like, this is what we're designed for. And I love like, I'm gonna go back to the war analogy. Because this way you need to do stand up and get your rifle, get whatever weapons you have been given whatever gifts, and I was just reading through. It might have been First Peter yesterday where he talks about, you know, your gifts or administering God's grace, that is mind blowing, use those to give people God's grace through you. Like that's so amazing. But it takes you acting, and putting yourself out there. And that's what this all comes down to men. I'm just like, well,

Parker Green 50:48

it's actually it's actually God's favorite name for himself in the Bible is Lord of hosts, which means the lord of angel armies, what we need to realize as men specifically is that God is at war. And we're as instruments of war. We're like tools in his hands for war. Like, we're like the Reaper, right? Like we're the ones doing the work. While we're the Church Militant here on Earth, we're on offense completely, right. So all the titles given to Jesus, the alpha, and the omega, the one that holds the keys to death and Hades, the one that's conquered the grave, all those things, is a god that's at war. And too often we see the Jesus pictured as mild mannered when we have in the book of Revelation, Jesus, riding on a horse drenched in the blood of his enemies with a tattoo on his thigh that says, King of Kings and Lord of lords, we have to realize that we're at war against evil and demonic forces in this world. And if you don't believe in that, while you're listening to this podcast, you tell me for one second, that mutilating children abusing children that sex trafficking itself and the evil people go through isn't some form of demonic activity. The Shadow proves the sunshine, so to speak, right? What you see, what you see is actually outside forces working through human beings in order to bring evil to Earth. And what you need to realize is that God Himself is at war against these forces. And he's not so much depending on you, but commanding you to keep going forward and get on offense and let evil be evil. Because we've been so soft, and so squishy for so many years, that we don't have that aspect in our minds that, oh, evil is actually encroaching on us. And they don't care if they're kids. Like the he's not going to fight fair, this aspect of evil is not going to fight fair. So we need to learn that we need to get in the dirt a little bit too. And fight fight like we haven't ever fought before. Because everything is actually a steak.

Curt Storring 52:52

Yeah, exactly. And I think like there's a lot of this. I'm trying to think about it like how inside baseball because this is I would say like, yeah, during this podcast, I was not at all talking about this stuff. Let me just say that. And so I know that I've got a pastor on here now. So yeah, then we've had, we've had a lot of good good people on here that we've been talking about this kind of stuff. But it's really changed. I'm just, I know, we I would never have been confronted to go looking for the truth. If I didn't hear this stuff, though. And I remember man, the first time I went to church, we went with a couple friends of ours were like, Yeah, can we go to church? I've been looking at this Bible for the last little while. Maybe we'll just go look. And the message was about the lake of fire. And my friends were like, oh, no, like, oh, no, his first time there talking about the Lake of Fire, he's probably going to think we're nuts. And I said, No, that's exactly what I needed to hear. Yeah, I needed somebody to say truth, because no one will. And I think this goes back to what you're saying about standing up. As men as leading as men, if you're willing to take a stand for truth, people are so longing for that for something to be real, that you don't even understand how many people are longing and just not willing to take action on that. Because you haven't stood up and done it. And so if you're scared, if you're letting anyone else, raise your children, if you're letting anyone else disciple your children, you have to understand that that's what school is doing. That's what daycare is doing. And all of these things are doing. Like, man, this is just we're beating a dead horse now, but I'm so fired up just like anything, but keep beating this horse, while you're outside

Parker Green 54:20

the aspect of the circle of like a Bible believing faith like we're talking about, I think it's important to recognize evil for what it is, and call it what it is in, in your space in whatever sphere you're in, to stand up against it and call evil evil. And that's a good starting place for anything and taking action. I know we're talking like a tiny bit of inside baseball, like you're saying, Kurt, but one of the best things that a biblical worldview gives you is that there is evil in the world. And it is meant to be conquered. And things aren't meant to be as they are. And I think every single person knows that. Do open their hearts like this is not how things are supposed to be. But how do you affect change personally? How do you change in your family and add order to your family where there's chaos? How do you add love? Where there's hate? How do you add goodness? Where there's evil? Find ways to do it. Wherever you're at in life?

Curt Storring 55:18

Yeah, let me just close this out with sort of a personal question on how you feel day to day going through this, because everything we just talked about, can be very heavy to the person who's like, yeah, bro, demons like white. So like, I know that there have been moments. For me, like, even through the last few years, because things went nuts up here during you know, yeah, whatever you want to call it,

Parker Green 55:42

the COVID response is what I call it.

Curt Storring 55:44

Let's call it that. Yeah. And so like, That was shocking, in a way that really solidified everything I thought I knew, and led to be here today. But I lived in fear for a while before I knew Christ. And in that time, when everything seemed against me, and nowadays, I don't, I don't have this day to day fear. I have this certainty, even though I am more worried about the state of the world than ever before. Yeah. Do you go through the day thinking about all this stuff on the front lines, really, as a pastor? And like, do you have relief from this? And I want to just close this out with maybe that message of hope? Because I know what the answer is. And I wonder how we can impart a little bit of that hope to the guys listening?

Parker Green 56:29

Yeah, I think, for me, first of all, I have to realize that there's always been evil in the world, that there will be evil, and it needs to be confronted. And just like anybody else, I can get down to the deepest, darkest rabbit hole of like, it's all hopeless. It's all falling apart. Rome is burning, and I'm watching. But here's an interesting fact. So in the UK, in England, during World War Two, during the Blitz, the whole, the whole place is getting bombed to hell, right, the Germans are bombing the crap out of London. And there, there are tons of men meeting with psychologists with depression with all kinds of issues, they can't get off their butts. They don't know what to do with their lives. But as soon as the city started to burn, psychologists were looking for clients, the men were out on the streets, putting out fires, they're putting buildings back together, they're rescuing people from rubble. They're working with emergency services, they're on a they're on a 20 millimeter trying to shoot down dive bombers, they're doing something right. And the difference between male depression and female depression is huge here because men want to feel feel useful and strong and effective. And the issue that you're having right now, with looking at the world, if you're listening to this, and you're feeling hopeless, you're feeling like it's too heavy, you're feeling like it's too difficult, you'll realize you're more invulnerable than you actually think when you find a purpose in rescuing others, and helping others in taking care of others in feeding others. And when it all gets way too crazy. What I do is I literally look at my kids, and I look at my wife and I say if everything else goes to hell in a handbasket, at least here I can affect the most possible change. And if it goes to hell in a handbasket, and everything burns, if one of my kids lives on to procreate, right, and the family line keeps going right? Then for me, that's the reward. It's a generational reward. And I think all men need to be thinking like patriarchs, we need to be thinking like we're starting a family line. And if you have family curses, which will be bad family habits, things like that you say stops with me. And from here on out, this family will be completely different than the world around it. And that's what actually gives me hope. Because of when I read real stories of transformation in society. It happens little by little, by little by little by little. So pick up your fire hose, pick up your gun, do your part, get out of the psychologists seat and talking about your problems and deal with those problems and other people. And you'll find that the problems that you have go away really, really quickly get focused on the fight and the problems will go away.

Curt Storring 59:21

Remarkable Man, my buddy Jonathan Rios is on his podcast. He said men need to build battle and quest and that's exactly what you just said. It's almost as though it's true. So if you don't have if you don't have that in your life, then freaking well go find what uh, you know what the thing. I'm just gonna share very briefly the thing that gives me hope in these days, as I read through, especially the Old Testament, I'm like, God, what are you doing? Like, why are you hardening Pharaoh's heart, like, you could just make them free. What are you doing? And I'm questioning I'm questioning and all throughout. I'm like, Oh, God operates and is glorified through pressure cookers. Like he turns up the heat. And he's like, No, I'm going to I'm actually going to harden your heart more so that the nation's can see my glory. You're like, wow, okay, so things look to me. Very pressure cooker your god you're about to be glorified. Let's go. So anyway, that's that brings me so much hope and joy and just obviously the promise of eternal life with Christ. I mean, can't be that that was one of those things that I didn't even realize I was like, I gotta find truth. And one day a couple of weeks after being a believer I was reading my Bible was like, a turtle life like sweet. I didn't even know that die, you win. Exactly. Oh, man, there's a whole nother conversation on dying to self. That's something that hit me like a bag of bricks the last couple of weeks. But what do you have another time, man, thank you so much for all of this has been extremely edifying to me. Where do you want to send people to get the book to follow you wherever you are doing things?

Parker Green 1:00:46

Yeah, my instagram handle is Parker, Richard Green Parker, Richard Green. And you can pick up my book, if you want it before it releases, you can go to the greens.co, the greens.co. It's obviously available on preorder on Amazon as well. But we got a pallet of books here for early release. If you want to grab that book, it will definitely improve your life. I'm super proud of it. And it's things that I've actually been living over the last 10 years. So it's not just fluff. It's concrete. It's a quick read, and it'll help you a lot.

Curt Storring 1:01:17

Yeah, I would just throw my way behind that. Because within the first couple chapters, like I said, there are so many things that like, are direct refutations of weakness, and things that most people who, you know, are wanting to make friends don't say. And I was like, oh, therefore, it's right. Like there was so much, just so much weight behind the things that it started off with. And I just read through everything. But the last bit on parents here, which can only be extremely triggering, I imagine. And I think there's another one in here as well. Endurance is the last chapter. So anyway, I got the book. I'm reading it. It's awesome. Go pick it up. Parker. Thank you so much for all this man. Dad.Work slash podcast guys. Listen up, leave a review. Thanks for falling in. Peace out. Thank you for listening to the Dad.Work podcast. That's it for this episode. But if you would like to stay in touch between weekly episodes, why don't you go over to Instagram and follow me there because I draw up a number of things throughout the week that are related to what we talked about on this podcast, but usually go a little bit deeper, provide some tips you can find me on Instagram at dad work dot Kurt. That's da di W O RK dot c u r t. And please, if you have been getting something out of this podcast, if it has touched you if it has improved your marriage, your parenting or your life, would you please leave a quick review on Apple or Spotify. leave a rating. If you have a few extra seconds, leave a quick review. That's the best way that we can get this work in the hands of more fathers. And I truly believe that we change the world, one fatherhood at a time because each father that parents better that loves better raises children who do the same. And in just a couple of generations. I feel like we could be living in a world much better than the one we live in today. Your review will help along that path. And I thank you so much for being here to listen until next week. We'll see you then.

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