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#87. Breakdowns, Breaking Generational Chains, and Homeschooling – Locke Haman

Today’s guest is Locke Haman

We go deep talking about teaching our kids how to heal their wounds, talk about them and be able to feel all their emotions, why it’s okay for men to show and express vulnerability rather than suppressing or repressing their emotions, understanding our spouse’s traumas and being able to support them in their healing journey, realizing that the trauma that was caused to you as a child was never your fault but it’s your responsibility to move through it and heal your wounds, practices and methodologies you can use to heal your trauma and wounds, why it’s vital to join a men’s group and commit to the group as a dad, and how men can maintain the balance between family and building a successful business.

#86. Becoming Whole With Shadow Work For Dads – Connor Beaton

Today’s guest is Connor Beaton.

We go deep into talking about how to begin exploring shadow work as a father, understanding your reactions and the steps you need to take to deal with these reactions towards things or other people that trigger you, why it’s important to label your feelings by saying out loud what you feel, joining a men’s group or even hiring a coach to help you stay grounded, why it’s important for men to regulate their nervous systems in order to shape how they attach and build relationships, the significance of your childhood as a man in the formation of your wounds and shadows, and understanding that your past has contributed to who you are today, and if you are unaware of your past, it will continue to shape your future.

#83. How Much Your Kids Love You – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

How much do you think your children love you as a father? To our children, the bond we form and maintain with them is EVERYTHING, and while all of this may appear to be a huge responsibility, we must view it as the greatest gift of all! Let me ask you a question… How often do you hear grown adults yearning for their parents’ love and affection? As much as a child’s bond with her father develops quickly, I want to assure you that it is never too late to make amends, form that bond with your child, and provide a safe haven for them. podcast episode 82 ryan michler

#82. Rendering Yourself Obsolete As A Father – Ryan Michler

Today’s guest is Ryan Michler.

We go deep talking about making yourself obsolete as a framework for fatherhood, the importance of raising a child with both a mother and father in the home, how to stand up for what you believe in with conviction, the “20 F’s” mentality, versus the “0 F’s” mentality, how to develop your manliness by harnessing your masculinity, the truth about toxic masculinity, martial arts as a litmus test for who you want in your corner, the techniques Ryan uses to combat impatience, why fickle men don’t make good leaders, and the realities of homeschooling, and why you need to consider it.

#81. 3 Ways To Introduce and Practice Mindfulness With Young Children – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

We go deep talking about building habits and normalizing mindfulness habits in our children, why it is important to show your children your mindfulness practices, talking to your kids in a way that shows that you’re mindful about them, and creating a time during the day to randomly check in with your child.

#80. Better Boys, Better Men – Andrew Reiner

Today’s guest is Andrew Reiner.

We go deep talking about healthy and robust masculinity, trying to heal from childhood trauma and mental wounds in order to prevent it from being passed on to our children, why it’s important to support young boys and men on their journey to finding the full spectrum of their emotional depth, taking on the role of being an emotional nurturer for your sons as a father, why it’s critical to teach our children that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, accepting the full range of our emotional lives as well as our deeper humanity, identifying and being in relationship with extremely sensitive children and, learning how to speak and converse to our children in the most effective way possible.

#79. 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Father – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

We go deep talking about why you need to be a good man by doing the inner work to discover and heal your patterns and wounds, why it’s vital to stay calm and always have a plan for when you are triggered by your children or your spouse, being intentional as a dad with your parenting ways, why it’s vital to commit to a selfcare routine as a dad, understanding that parenting and connection starts right away and not when they’re big, why creating boundaries is so vital while bringing up children, why motherhood and fatherhood sacredness always important and, the importance of always being there for your children as an emotional safe harbor to them,

#78. Significance, Meaning, Nature, and Intentional Fatherhood – Thomas Kingwell

We go deep talking about why it’s critical to instill self-confidence in our children as they grow, allowing yourself to feel, control, and express your emotions as a father and husband, rather than suppressing or repressing them, the need for leadership and intentionality when raising our kids, healing your inner childhood trauma and wounds and how to grow into ways that are aligned with the person you were meant to be, understanding what it is that we’re triggering in our kids and what were nurturing within them and, the ability to substitute technology with outdoor activities that are more engaging than technology, so your kids learn to choose them naturally.

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