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#106. Choosing Cause Over Comfort to Become a Forged Father – Travis Stoetzel

My guest today is Travis Stoetzel, founder of The Forged Father.

Travis Stoetzel is a Husband, Father, and Coach who specializes in helping high-achieving Ex-Athlete DADS destroy the “dad bod” and get back their edge in life so they can be the best leader and role model possible for their family. Travis has now been a coach for over 13 years and has helped 1000’s of men transform their lives through his online, remote-based coaching program, The Forged FATHER. If you’re you a success driven dad who’s wanting to LIVE and LEAD a LEGACY in LIFE, you can connect with Travis.

#104. Unplug From Mediocrity and Become A Strong Father- The Fizeek Father

Today’s guest is Instagram’s finest satirical content creator, The Fizeek Father.

We talk about the journey from Soy Father to the Fizeek Father, the dangers of not having direction or purpose as a man, why most men chasing women, money, and status miss the point and wind up getting sucker punched by life, lessons on how to become a strong, confident, authentic man by using shame and embarrassment as motivation, why you’re failing as a dad if you’re hunched over your phone looking like a question mark while at your kids sports practice, and what’s wrong with the world today, and how not to get sucked into it.

#103. Courageous Parenting and Being a Resolute Man – Isaac Tolpin

Today’s guest is Isaac Tolpin.

We go deep today talking about being a resolute man and rejecting passivity, Isaac’s nuanced take on quantity vs quality time, connecting deeply with your kids, even if you’ve got a large family, how to lead well as a man, husband, and father, reaching out for help before you get hit by the proverbial Mack truck, and truly aligning your life with what you say your values are.

#102. Becoming a Super Human Father – Kyle Carnohan

Today’s guest is Kyle Carnohan

We go deep talking about the importance of having a routine, accept your shortcomings as a dad and husband and make a personal decision to change, being intentionally aware of how you show up as a dad and as a husband, the power of being humble, grateful and confident in your daily habits, living with standards as a dad, accountability, vision, purpose, leadership, and discipline, emotional awareness and physical dominance, and managing your anger and triggers, and the need to be around men and raise our sons around other men.

#101. Being A Good Man and The Wisdom of Kings – Ryan King

Today’s guest is my friend Ryan King.

Ryan is a husband, father, and the CEO of Guardian Payments. He’s a thought leader with motivational, nuanced insights on wisdom, manhood, relationships, and leadership. He is perhaps the most grounded, chill, and balanced man I know, and he absolutely walks the walk when it comes to living a satisfied, content, masculine life as a man, husband, father, and business owner. If you love wisdom and knowledge, you do not want to miss this…get some of Ryan’s chill to rub off on you!

#100. Primal Instincts for Dads and What Women Want – Jonathan Rios

Today’s guest is my friend Jonathan Rios. He is a good man, he is a man of integrity, and I know he lives a life worth emulating.

We go deep talking about primal Virtues for the modern man, rejecting casual living by battling, building, and pursuing a glorious quest, how to set and uphold boundaries with your kids, how to “stay in the pocket” with your wife during conflict or hard times and what women truly want from men

#99. Leading a Sovereign Household with Integrity and Intentionality – Matt Beaudreau

Today’s guest is Matt Beaudreau.

We go deep talking about the need to fully understand what it means to be a father figure, being intentionally consistent and clear on who you are as a family unit, why we need to achieve our own goals and live a good life with integrity as parents, making sure you’re not falling into the trap of parenting based on cultural expectations or the fear of what others think of you, being able to admit when you’ve made a mistake and being specific about what you’re sorry about when you are, making sure our kids understand the correlation between responsibility and freedom, why dads need to find a tribe or a community for their sons as they are still growing, and home education and raising dragon slayers.

#97. Unplugging Dads From The Matrix – Zach Blakeney

Today’s guest is Zack Blakeney.

We go deep talking about the three tiers of the matrix, how our ego separates us from other people and influences how we interact with others, how you begin to disconnect from fear and the matrix as a dad, why it’s crucial for dads to be able to distinguish between perception and reality, the need to be able to talk about our problems with others in our healing journey, why it’s crucial to avoid constantly blaming ourselves and instead practice forgiving ourselves for all of our flaws, and why it’s important to express your shame, love, and remorse while also taking responsibility for it all.

#96. How To Play and Have More Fun As A Dad – Mike Rucker

Today’s guest is Mike Rucker

We go deep talking about how to choose to have fun during your children’s activities rather than viewing it as a duty you must fulfill, why it’s critical to carve out time in our hectic schedules to play with and have fun with our children, why we as parents need to let go of the need for ground rules/instructions in order to explore and have genuine fun with our children, being a parent with a growth mindset and modeling it for your children, recognizing that it’s okay and possible to learn from our children while also instilling in them the belief that they, too, can make mistakes, and how we as parents can include our children in activities that we enjoy, especially if we’re having difficulty enjoying some of their interests.

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