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#25. Dads Supporting Dads: How To Build Your Own Community – David Stegman

Today’s guest is David Stegman.

We go deep talking about:

How David invited and then navigated major upheaval in multiple areas of his life as he was becoming a father,
The importance of men’s work and men’s groups in David’s fatherhood journey,
Hold on to the rope – why these words from David’s mentor helped him get through the first two years of fatherhood,
Normalizing imperfect relationships and normalizing talking about all of this as men and fathers,
Figuring out what’s actually important in your life,
Why David wants all men to have the support of a group of men who are just one message away when you need some help,
How to build your own community of dads locally, and
This profound statement from David that men are craving to go deeper but rarely get an invitation.

#23. Guiding Principles, Rebuilding Identity, and Showing Up Powerfully – Ryan Walton

Today’s guest is Ryan Walton. We go deep talking about the reality check of becoming a father, finding the courage to ask other men for help, the switch from controlling your own emotions and reactions instead of controlling the world around you, the power of therapy, men’s groups, and regulating your own nervous system, the convergence of personal and community healing and responsibility, awakening to your own story and the narratives that drive your life, practical tools to slow down and start doing the work in only 3 minutes, the importance of having guiding principles as a parent, showing up powerfully for your children in a way that there is NO doubt that they know you’re on their side, dealing with the devastation of a shattered identity and how to get curious and rebuild your life, and the power of taking responsibility for your life.

#22. Soul Work, Rites of Passage, and How To Raise Young Men – Nicky Wilks

Today’s guest is Nicky Wilks. We go deep talking about making an intentional choice to be a present father, taking full responsibility for your life, doing “soul work” to create space to become a man and father, using the pressure cooker of doing hard things to grow and acquire wisdom, what young men need, and multiple actionable steps on how to provide it in modern society, the role of fathers and elders in our children’s lives, Initiatory rites of passage for men and boys, and Nicky’s organization Journeymen and the amazing work they’re doing.

#20. A Professional Athlete’s Guide to Authenticity, Vulnerability, Emotion, And Identity – Christian Lopez

My guest today is Christian Lopez. We go deep talking about the power of authenticity and self-awareness, developing vulnerable, deep relationships with other men in your life, the wound that can be created when you tell a young boy “don’t cry”, christian’s journey as a professional baseball player and how he dealt with the crushing blow of his career coming to an end, the trap of chasing fortune and fame, why you’re so much more than what you do, and how to shift your identity to who you are, grieving the loss of a childhood dream, gratitude and perspective, dealing with huge expectations you set for yourself, and Christian’s advice to “be the father that you want to be”.


#19. How Dads Can Communicate and Thrive in Intimate Relationships – Kimberly Hill

My guest today is Kimberly Hill.

We go deep talking about how to ask for feedback and actually get useful answers, interdependence vs. codependence, how to communicate your feelings and needs inside a relationship and make requests, the fundamental desire women have in intimate relationships, how men sabotage vulnerability and trust in relationship, the importance of developing a regular check-in with your partner, the trap of perfectionism and people-pleasing, why date nights are vital to building a strong relationship, why filling up your own cup as a dad is selfless not selfish, and dating for single and divorced dads.

#17. Mentoring Young Men, Dashed Dreams, and Superhuman Resiliency – Dave Weale

Today’s guest is Dave Weale.We go deep talking about what young men need from their fathers, mentors, and society, the role of a father in a young man’s life (challenge, letting him fail), why failure is mandatory if you want to do big things, resilience, what happens to a pro skier when he breaks his neck, the power of mindset in recovering from huge setbacks, the Importance of Cannabis as part of the journey, the creation, and collapse of a 7 figure company and how Dave got through a second huge hardship, moving forward despite challenges and choosing to face things head on, high-intensity men’s work for high-performance men, and my own failure that led to this whole project.

#16. Using Masculine Archetypes To Become Better Men, Partners, and Fathers – Isaac Cotec

My guest today is Isaac Cotec. We go deep talking about masculine Archetypes and how to use them to grow and heal, embodying masculinity after disconnecting from it after it was pushed on you, finding balance between the stoic man of the 50s and the soft man of the 90s, rituals and symbolism, and how to use them to work with your subconscious, bringing consciousness to each archetype to guide your growth journey, practical ways to work on aligning and levelling up your embodiment of each archetype, using the HeroRise Masculine Archetype deck to grow as a man, facing your shadows, daily self-care rituals to go deep.

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