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#67. Intentional Co-Parenting and Step Parenting – Jeff Fruhwirth

Today’s guest is Jeff Fruhwirth

We go deep talking about why it’s important to acknowledge your faults and wrongs as a parent, being able to recognize your childhood trauma-related triggers, how to teach our children to communicate effectively when they need something rather than throwing a tantrum, setting boundaries with your kids, why it’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and consider how you can best show up as a caring and compassionate father in the face of a crisis, successfully Co-Parenting, vulnerability and why it’s okay to ask for help from other people, how Jeff shows up intentionally as a step-father and, the need to maintain the connection with your kids after a divorce.

#66. The Profound Support Of Men, Men’s Group, and The Village – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

The profound closing ceremony I had as I stepped down from my leadership role in my local men’s group, the importance of having other intentional men in your life, and why all fathers should seek this out, how to find the support of a men’s group for fathers and, an invitation to join us to do this work inside our men’s groups or in our new online community, The Village.

#65. Exploring Anger for Dads – Alistair Moes

Today’s guest is Alistair Moes

We go deep talking about how anger can serve us, not simply be a destructive force, how to become more intentional and less reactive to anger by looking deeply at what’s going on inside you, the physiological consequences of anger, how to cool down and support yourself when you’re really triggered in anger, Alistair processes me and my anger live, why the depth of our pain and trauma actually make life interesting if we’re willing to go there, practices to deepen your awareness and sit with your anger and, developing Empathy and Compassion, the Anger Management Super Powers.

#64. Financial Fitness for Fathers – Dennis McNamara

Today’s guest is Dennis McNamara

We go deep talking about the fundamental principles of money, wealth and investments, how to make the most of what you have now  to set a future plan for you and your family, finding a balance between time, money and health, why it’s really important to be in a men’s group with other dads,, being confident, living with intention and having a more deeper and more engaged relationship with those around you and, the importance of emergency fund.

#63. How To Get Out of Birthday Pity Parties and Shame Spirals – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

We’ll talk about why it’s important to do mindfulness work and then coming back to introspection, guiding yourself into a more loving compassionate relationship with yourself instead of always condemning yourself, acknowledging your pity and shame and try to figure out why your’re feeling that way, allowing yourself to feel and express all your emotions instead of building up a wall in the fear of getting hurt and, learning to take up space because you are important as well as everyone in your life.

#62. Conscious Fatherhood, Deep Presence, and Cultivating a Deeply Sensual Sex Life – Max Trombly

Today’s guest is Max Trombly

We go deep talking about going all in on supporting our children as they explore their interests, why it’s okay to not have everything figured out as a dad as long as you’re putting in the work, recognizing joy as a vital component of life and the need to cultivate it, third stage parenting and feeling deeply into the moment, recognizing that we have needs and exploring healthy ways to get them met and, maintaining a healthy, abundant, and deeply sensual sex life while raising young children.

#61. Becoming Uncivilized, Healing After Divorce, and Grief – Traver Boehm

Todays guest is Traver Boehm

We go deep talking about primal masculinity and how culture and technology have caused many men to lose touch with it, emotional intelligence as men, why every man should join a mens’ group, discovering a divine connection to nature as a man in order to connect with your inner self, being able to step into our power as men and connect our heads, hearts, and balls, how we can heal and grow and still be open to the possibility of being hurt again, knowing exactly what you want from a relationship, healthy communication and setting some boundaries with your partner to ensure a harmonious relationship, why it’s important to teach our partners how to handle us in conflict and, grief and healing from a miscarriage.

#60. 9 Uncomfortable Truths for Fathers – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

We go deep talking about why sacrifising your own needs for your family is not noble, being prepared for the future because on day your children will no longer need you, why your job as a father is to become obsolete, why it’s vital to prioritize your wife over your kids which gives your children a sense of trust, why we are fully responsible of the intensity of the fatherhood-wound we’ve created in our kids, setting boundaries at home and work before we loose our own kids to the metaverse becaue we aren’t spending enough time with them than we are with our phones, how it’s your responsibility as a dad to model what your kids expect from a man, building your relationship with your children to have them trust you because you don’t decide when or if they forgive you, why you need to heal your past trauma and wounds as a father to avoid passing them down to our children and, why lone wolfing destroys a fathers spirit.

#59. How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children – Lael Stone

oday’s guest is Lael Stone

We go deep talking about raising our children to understand that ALL OF THEM, GOOD AND BAD, ARE WELCOME, how can we, as emotionally numb adults, begin to exercise and raise emotionally intelligent children? doing our inner work as parents and being vulnerable enough to own up to our stories and feelings, making our kids emotions feel safe and comfortable instead of  of yelling and being enraged when our children’s conduct is off-kilter, modeling empathy in our children and how to deal with strong feelings/emotions in a more healthy way, the value of having a listening partner; someone with whom you may chat or rant about anything. being inquisitive about the WHY or the ORIGIN of the feeling/emotion you’re having at that specific moment, how do we handle our kids’ emotions if we are part of the problem? Invest in some quality time with your children to see if you can make any kind of connection.

#58. Shadows and Light – Jason Evans

Today’s guest is Jason Evans

We go deep talking about the Shadows and Light Project, why it’s important to join a mens’ group, the power of photography, vulnerability and honesty as a man and father, taking care of our mental health and doing our inner work, leadership and the ability to shoulder all of that responsibility, perfectionism and Imposter syndrome and,why is it important to be involved in the lives of your children and some of your family’s children?

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