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#49. How To Die In Peace: Eastern Wisdom for Fathers – Justin Ehrlich

Today’s guest is Justin Ehrlich

We go deep talking about daoism, and the fundamental question of how are we going to die at peace, traumas and experiences that we haven’t fully integrated, social versus traumatic programming, finding contentment from knowing our purpose and embodying it, why it’s important to have a list of 2-3 physical exercises to get you out of trigger mode, reflecting on our past to see how it’s manifesting in your lives today in order to heal our traumas, the gift of forgiving yourself everyday, finding meaning and forgiveness in life, freedom from the fear of losing yourself or the fear of judgement from others, recognizing your anger and learning to move that energy physically to change it, and understanding what we need and learning to express it before we get to an angry outburst.

#48. Building Relationships and Finding Friends as a Dad – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

​​​​Welcome to this episode of Friday Reflections by Dad.Work!

We’ll talk about why having friends has been difficult for me, what doing the work is like, opening up to my men’s group and letting them know that I was not sure that they had my back, building relationships and finding friends as a father, vulnerability and openness when building relationships, why to stop expecting From others, the fear of being hurt by others, perfectionism and realizing your core wound, and how your ego and inner child may be representing you to others.

#47. Emotional Availability as the Gateway to More Love, Sex, and Success – Shana James

Today’s guest is Shana James.

We go deep talking about how men can become more emotionally available, the difference between an emotional dump and an emotional share, our invisible influences and how it impacts others, trusting your intuition, discerning your emotions in the moment, expressing our emotions in a constructive way, staying connected to our partners in the heat of an emotional breakdown, suicidal thoughts in men, depression as a result of not opening up, and balancing our emotions with our masculinity without getting lost.

#46. Long-Distance Fatherhood and Being A Dad Without Borders – Blue Netherclift

Today’s guest is Blue Netherclift

We go deep talking about co-parenting when your child lives overseas, how Blue develops a Secure Attachment with his son living halfway around the world, consistency with your child and being open with your feelings, learning to let go and trusting the process, leaning towards gratitude as opposed to anger and frustration, finding practices that help you stay grounded, and the power of your thoughts

#45. Picking Them Up For The Last Time – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

Today’s episode is a short one, but one that covers a potentially massive mental reframe for dads.

I remind you that at some point, you will pick up your child for the last time…and have no idea it’s the last time.

Which is why we must treat each moment as if it is our last – by being deeply present, noticing all there is to notice, and placing our awareness on all that we do.

#44. Positivity, Systems, and Intentionality – Yarty Kim

Today’s guest is Yarty Kim.

We go deep talking about making a conscious choice to be happy, active reaching out to mentors for help in your fatherhood journey, getting through the initial struggles of being a father, finding positivity in everything that happens to us, focusing on our work to achieve our goals, balancing between family and business, self improvement and development as fathers, balancing your business despite all the challenges faced with the busy family, systemizing your business to create time for other things, and delegation in your business

#43. Raising Daughters and the Power of Vulnerability – Dai Manuel

Today’s guest is Dai Manuel

We go deep talking about, loving, showing up and spending time with your daughters, ego in men that comes attached to their careers, better ways to manage stress and anxiety, vulnerably sharing challenges you face as a dad with your spouse, addiction and fighting through it, figuring out your real friends in this fatherhood journey, picking habits that helps us stay on the right track, having the right motivation to turn our lives around in terms of our health, identifying your daughters love language to best bond with them, owning up to your mistakes so that your daughters can also adapt to that, and prioritizing our self-care and mental health

#42. 9 Steps To Becoming A Better Dad In 2022 – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

This week we are going to dive into my 9 and true ways to becoming a better dad this year, 2022. With this steps, you’ll be able to set up your family with years of closeness and resiliency

We’ll talk about committing to doing your inner work to become your authentic self, start/expand a mindful practise to start noticing how things are, self-care as dads, figuring out what your kids really need, tapping into your inner caveman, communicating compassionately, finding a community of authentic men, imbodying the lover and sexual polarity, and finding and pursuing your purpose

#41. Productivity, Habits, and The Brotherhood of Fatherhood – Scott Rammage

Today’s guest is Scott Rammage.

We go deep talking about raising teenagers and the lessons learned, productivity, that is, getting things done as a father, finding or creating a tribe of men to support each other in this fatherhood journey, traumas carried from our childhood into our adult life, having a great dad growing up as a role model but still struggling in your journey as a father, finding the right balance between work and family, personal self-growth as a father and an entrepreneur, commanding your day before it commands you, and brotherhood-fatherhood group for men

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