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#37. Divorce, Single-Parenting, Addiction, and Mental Performance for Young Athletes – Mike Huber

Today’s guest is Mike Huber.

We go deep talking about the fears, thoughts, and decisions leading to Mike’s divorce, navigating risk to step into the unknown, the logistics of mindfully co-parenting and reaching common ground, taking full responsibility, being honest, and communicating effectively, breaking the cycle and forgiving your parents, recovery from gambling addiction,
what dads can learn from Mike’s expertise as a mental performance coach for young athletes, and how to differentiate the roles of coach, mentor, and father.

#36. Preparing (Your Nervous System) for Christmas – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

This week we talk about turning your attention and focus to Christmas holiday, prioritizing your family wants and needs during this time and being able to take a break when you feel overwhelmed with everything going on around you. We’ll talk about:

Preparing your nervous system for Christmas, setting good boundaries/expectation for your family during Christmas, understanding what Christmas is and what it’s all about, building and maintaining your family traditions during Christmas, setting boundaries with our phones this holiday season, the presence you can bring to your family as the father during this time, and vulnerably sharing your christmas stories growing up with your family

#35. Healing and High Performance Fitness for Fathers – Dan Go

My guest today is Dan Go. We go deep talking about Dan’s incredibly self-aware and vulnerable journey through fatherhood, including the strengths and hidden curses brought to the surface by our kids, how to do the deep inner work to process, heal, and grow as a man and father, how our biggest strengths are usually the flip side of our biggest wounds, and how to navigate that dichotomy mindfully, processing wounds from the way you were raised, and finding forgiveness and gratitude for your parents, Dan’s experience with Psychedelic Therapy, inner child work, why getting in shape is the single most important thing you can do to improve every aspect of your life, the real reason it’s so hard to get and stay in shape, and Dan’s 80/20 principles of fitness for busy dads.

#33. How (and Why) to Stop Lone Wolfing Your Life – FRIDAY REFLECTIONS

This week we talk about how (and why) to stop lone wolfing your life – friday reflections. we’ll talk about:
why being a lone wolf is terrible especially as a father, how to build your own community or finding a community to join based on something you love, solo achievements compared to achievements achieved as a group/community, healing and growth as a man and a father as it relates to community, having a men’s group/forum and how it positively impacts a mans life, and going deeper with your existing friends

#32. Mindfully Disrupting Old Patterns And Growing As A Parent – Chris Plourde

Today’s guest is Chris Plourde. We go deep talking about exploring your own judgements and defensiveness, the importance of men’s groups in Chris’ life, the shift that happens when you start to accept that things happen FOR you, not TO you, therapy as mental fitness for the brain, letting go of shame and guilt, digging beneath the anger to get to the buried emotions, breathwork as a healing tool, developing forgiveness and gratitude for your own parents, the difference between raising boys and girls, Chris’ experience as a conscious father leading a teenage son, including big talks around things like consent, why action is the necessary ingredient to change your life.

#31. How To Become A Conscious Dad – Adam Brewer

Today’s guest is Adam Brewer. We go deep talking about Adam’s intense transition into fatherhood, including the breakdown he suffered, and how he got through it stronger than ever, how Adam took action to rebuild trust and relationship with his partner, surrendering to change and fatherhood as a man who tries to control everything around him, why sharing your story and speaking your truth are so transformative and healing, healing perfectionist tendencies and Nice Guy Syndrome, practical tools and practices for soulful self-care and finding calm, how to provide your kids with mindfulness tools that will serve them for a life time, without being overbearing, why Adam and I do this work, because it’s infinitely harder to be zen as a parent, and Adam’s Pillars of Living as a Conscious Dad.

#29. Creating Psychological Safety As A Legendary Father – Larry Hagner

Today’s guest is Larry Hagner. We go deep talking about stepping intentionally into leadership, the turning point in Larry’s fatherhood journey when he knew something had to change, the importance of having a learner’s mindset, the power of psychological safety and helping your kids develop a growth mindset, how to parent your kids so they feel safe to talk to you about anything, finding your core values and helping your kids find theirs, how to have hard conversations with your kids, practical connection practices that Larry uses to build deep relationships with his wife and children, the importance of community, and the cost of inaction.

#28. Depression in Men and The Power of Seeking Support – Pierre Azzam

Today’s guest is Pierre Azzam. We go deep talking about when to seek therapy versus coaching to level up your life, and why seeking help is fundamental to healing and growth,
lessons learned from Pierre’s experience as a psychiatrist who worked in palliative care, depression in men, including postpartum depression in dads and how to get through it, a grounded approach to mindfulness and connection, how to support other men in your life who may be struggling, and emotional intelligence and how to improve your own.

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