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Episode 8

#8. Serving Your Partner Deeply and Finding Support After Birth – McLean McGown

My guest today is McLean McGown. We go deep talking about the support new mothers and fathers need, how to get that support, what a mother goes through before, during, and after birth, how dads can support their partners, how dads can get the support they need, the importance of the first 40 days, pregnancy and birth as spirituality, and embodiment practices to keep you grounded.

Episode 3

#3. Leadership, Presence, and Accountability as a Father – Tim Dyck

Bridging the gap as a leader between the workplace and the home, creating clarity at home to create space to focus on your family, how to stay present with your kids, starting a business to optimize for “get to do’s” instead of “have to do’s”, choosing your parenting experience like you choose your job, grieving a miscarriage, and how and why to apologize to your kids when you screw up.

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