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The Life-Changing Power of Brotherhood, Masculinity, and God – Brendan Schmidt

Today’s guest is Brendan Schmidt.

We go deep today talking about:

– Brendan’s journey to revive his own masculinity after growing up without a father
– The life-changing power of brotherhood with other men in an intentional group
– How Christianity has recently shaped Brendan’s life as he prepares for fatherhood
– What most men are lacking and why men need to be given a heavy dose of truth and reality

Effort Over Everything and the AMRAP Mentality for Dads – Jason Khalipa

Today’s guest is Jason Khalipa.

We go deep today, talking about:

– Jason’s Effort over everything mindset
– How to encourage your kids to love fitness without building resentment
– How Jason navigated his daughter’s Leukemia diagnosis while keeping himself grounded and healthy
– How Crossfit helped Jason become better prepared to overcome adversity
– The AMRAP mentality for focus and presence
– Safe and effective ways to expose your kids to challenges so they can learn how to overcome the things that come at them in life
– The importance of prioritizing date nights with your wife, even during the hardest times of life
– Why being fit matters as a father and how to take little steps to start crushing it
– How to teach your kids things you aren’t an expert in

The Recipe To An Extraordinary Family Life and How To Be The Man – Greg Denning

Today’s guest is Greg Denning.

Greg Denning is a husband, father of seven, and life and business coach to executive businessmen. He’s also a podcaster for the Extraordinary Family Life podcast (with his wife Rachel) and the Be The Man podcast. His first book — Becoming Dangerous — will be released later this year.

Greg is known for his positive energy and his unique ability to inspire others. He left home at the age of 16 due to family circumstances and spent some tough years hungry, lonely, and discouraged.

Determined to discover the secrets to creating a happy life — and IF it was even possible — he started a journey of personal growth and development that continues to this day and which led him to create the life of his dreams. He married his best friend Rachel, created a beautiful family and traveled with them to 40+ countries, and created a multiple six-figure location independent business. Now he helps other men to level-up and live deliberately.

#107. How to Escape Performative Masculinity and Become The Husband and Father Your Family Needs – Jonathan West

We go deep talking about the trap of boyishness in a culture that doesn’t train us in masculinity, performative masculinity versus internalized, purposeful masculinity, insights from my own journey in faith, taking full responsibility for your life, forgiving your father, how to actually lead your wife as a strong husband, getting things done, dropping expectations, and serving your family because it’s the RIGHT thing to do, and how to ask men for true accountability.

#106. Choosing Cause Over Comfort to Become a Forged Father – Travis Stoetzel

My guest today is Travis Stoetzel, founder of The Forged Father.

Travis Stoetzel is a Husband, Father, and Coach who specializes in helping high-achieving Ex-Athlete DADS destroy the “dad bod” and get back their edge in life so they can be the best leader and role model possible for their family. Travis has now been a coach for over 13 years and has helped 1000’s of men transform their lives through his online, remote-based coaching program, The Forged FATHER. If you’re you a success driven dad who’s wanting to LIVE and LEAD a LEGACY in LIFE, you can connect with Travis.

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