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#95. Finding Purpose and Bonding Deeply with Your Children Through Nature – Tim Corcoran

Today’s guest is Tim Corcoran

We go deep talking about The definition of “purpose” and how it embodies itself in our lives as human, Embracing our mistakes while being steadfast in our commitment to our parenthood journey and our life’s purpose, Why we need to connect deeply with nature and how nature plays it’s role in our journey to finding our purpose, Fostering a relationship with our children by accepting responsibility as mature adults to encourage long-lasting interest and passion in our children, our emotional maturity as dads, as well as our ability to accept and express our feelings in healthy ways, and how developing a spiritual relationship is equally as significant and different from an emotional connection for our purpose.

#94. Joy and Kindness As The Culmination Of Doing Deep Work – Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Today’s guest is Dr. Jeremy Goldberg.

We go deep talking about why it’s important to build self love and give meaning to your life, why it’s vital for our kids to feel safe with us as their parents instead of shaming them, how and why to commit to doing the work in yourself to show up better in your family, how you can learn and practice the virtues of joy, kindness, compassion, and thankfulness in your life, why it is critical to facilitate and foster physical, emotional, and spiritual safety for your family, children, and partner, and why it’s critical to teach your children that they don’t have to be perfect in order for you to love them as a father.

#93. Getting To Self-Forgiveness Inside Of A Nightmare – Gavin Meenan

Today’s guest is Gavin Meenan

We go deep talking about internal conflicts we face as fathers and how they affect us, our spouses, and our children, the overwhelming guilt and pain that comes over us as fathers, when we try to avoid some peace in our lives in order to avoid facing reality, why it is so important for fathers to join a men’s group, why in order to experience inner peace and healing, fathers must learn to forgive themselves for past mistakes and aspire to be a better man and father, why we need to provide our children with tools that we did not have as kids in order for them to grow up to be better men, partners, and fathers, why it is important for us to be able to recognize the emotions that lie underlying our children’s words and be present in their life as a safe haven, why it is critical for us to identify and comprehend the source of our pain and trauma, and why we need to overcome our addictions as men and fathers.

#92. The Mythic Masculine and What Myths Can Teach Us About Fatherhood – Ian MacKenzie

Today’s guest is Ian MacKenzie

We go deep talking about what we can learn as men from myth and the mythopoetic men’s movement, what we as a society have forgotten from important myths like the split between men and women, understanding that toxic masculinity is actually immature masculinity, elements of a mature mindset and how lack of a father figure or having a toxic father growing up can affect you as a man, partner, and father, why self-healing and doing inner work as a father is crucial, and being more involved in your children’s lives as a father to build and sustain your relationship even in the future.

#91. A Growth and Healing Game Plan for High Performance Dads – Ian Lobas

Today’s guest is Ian Lobas

We go deep talking about getting free of internal constraints and restrictions in our lives, making the most of your time with your children in order to avoid future anger and guilt, recognizing that there is more to being a man and a father than just hustling and sweating and providing for your family, the distinction between figuring things out and solving things when working on yourself, the need to work through trauma and past pain as a family, why it’s vital to investigate that one thing for which you are continuously blaming your parents and consider what you would have done in a similar situation, clearing, illuminating and eliminating the things from your past with your parents, knowing your values and skills as an individual and why it’s vital to not compare yourself with others, recognizing and understanding the impact of your parents in your life now, as an adult, and why it’s more important to understand that you inherently matter as a person, not just because of your persona or money you’ve made.

#90. Struggle, Identity, Validation, and Grounding To Live Well and Parent Confidently – Justin Ehrlich

Today’s guest is Justin Ehrlich.

Justin is a life and health coach that helps people cultivate and integrate their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. He’s a longtime practitioner of classical Chinese medicine and student of Daoism. Having always believed the mystical practices of the ancients were relevant in the modern world, he’s devoted his life to sharing just how practical they can be His mission is to help people heal their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives with practical methods drawn from both the ancients and modern-research. He lives in San Diego but works with people all over the world.

#89. Building A Thriving Marriage After You’ve Been Punched In The Face – Seth Studley

Today’s guest is Seth Studley

We go deep talking about being able to work things out with your partner when everything appears to be falling apart, why it’s critical to stop looking for reasons to leave, and instead start building trust, realizing that your partner will look for ways to see if you’ve truly changed, why you should avoid using the words “always” and “never” when arguing with your partner, why it’s vital to be intentional in your marriage, why being a lone wolf can be exhausting for a man, and why you should join a men’s group to connect with other men, the importance of always expressing gratitude and appreciation to your partner and children, and the need to prioritize yourself, your wife, and your children, rather than the other way round.

#88. Raising Kings, and The Power of Masculine Role Models – Dylan Roos

Today’s guest is Dylan Roos

We go deep talking about understanding the long-term impact of how you handle your child’s emotions, why good communication is important when raising children and dealing with them when they are vulnerable, the importance of joining a men’s group and building around a band of brothers, normalizing having conversations with your kids about big topics like sex, drugs, and dating, why it’s vital to be a good role model for your kids, and being able to intentionally initiate new ideas to your kids as a family.

#87. Breakdowns, Breaking Generational Chains, and Homeschooling – Locke Haman

Today’s guest is Locke Haman

We go deep talking about teaching our kids how to heal their wounds, talk about them and be able to feel all their emotions, why it’s okay for men to show and express vulnerability rather than suppressing or repressing their emotions, understanding our spouse’s traumas and being able to support them in their healing journey, realizing that the trauma that was caused to you as a child was never your fault but it’s your responsibility to move through it and heal your wounds, practices and methodologies you can use to heal your trauma and wounds, why it’s vital to join a men’s group and commit to the group as a dad, and how men can maintain the balance between family and building a successful business.

#86. Becoming Whole With Shadow Work For Dads – Connor Beaton

Today’s guest is Connor Beaton.

We go deep into talking about how to begin exploring shadow work as a father, understanding your reactions and the steps you need to take to deal with these reactions towards things or other people that trigger you, why it’s important to label your feelings by saying out loud what you feel, joining a men’s group or even hiring a coach to help you stay grounded, why it’s important for men to regulate their nervous systems in order to shape how they attach and build relationships, the significance of your childhood as a man in the formation of your wounds and shadows, and understanding that your past has contributed to who you are today, and if you are unaware of your past, it will continue to shape your future.

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