Wife / Mother’s Group by Mrs. Dad.Work

My wife has had it on her heart to support the wives of the men I work with.

Please add your name and email below and we will be in touch with more details shortly.

While we believe it is the husband’s responsibility to lead his family and do the work required to be hard to kill, easy to love, and equipped to lead…as his wife, you can support him in this, while also improving your own communication and relational skills.

This would be an online group experience with a small number of other wives over the course of 6-8 weeks.

My wife, who has seen me succeed on my own journey as a family leader, has also had to do a tremendous amount of growth and has done a wonderful job. She has experience running groups like this.

The purpose would be 2-fold:

  1. Have a place to share and be supported
  2. Learn some of the flip-side of what I teach the men. How to take ownership of your side of things, how to support your husband, etc.


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