Dad, if your anger and yelling are tearing your family apart and leaving you feeling defeated and worthless every day…

Hey my friend, Curt here.

Out of the hundreds of angry dads I’ve worked with, and thousands of angry dads I’ve talked to, do you know what the four biggest mistakes they make are?


They don’t have tools to keep them calm in the moment.


They don’t know basic communication formulas to talk to their wife and kids without starting fights.


They don’t set good boundaries or clear expectations with their family (or work).


They don’t understand why they’re so angry in the first place (usually one of two basic answers), so they stay stuck in the pain and guilt.

…by doing these four things, every dad I’ve worked with has boosted his confidence, significantly cut back on his yelling, and built deeper, more loving and respectful relationships with his wife and ki

This is exactly what you’ll learn in my Yell Less, Lead More Parenting Course for Angry Dads.

Not Just For Parenting – A Marriage Saver

One dad I worked with recently, Eric, joined me in this course I put together because his marriage was on the rocks and he wasn’t sure if it was going to make it.

He was yelling all the time, and freaking out his family.

A few weeks into the course, and he comes back and tells me it saved his marriage.

His wife saw the changes he was making, he was yelling less, and she realized how serious he was about being the dad and husband his family needed.

And a LIFE Saver…

But my favourite example of the effectiveness of this method is this guy Curt.

That’s me.

I was a TERRIBLE, RAGE-MONSTER of a father and husband.

I spent 50% of my time yelling, and the other 50% feeling guilty and ashamed of how I acted. No breaks. Constant pain and suffering and self-hatred and scaring my family.

Real winner. Ugh.

Anyway, it got so bad I thought my family would be better off without me.

Even though I knew the stats about how TERRIBLE it is for kids to grow up without a dad. I still thought I was worse.

For awhile there, I thought the only answer was to be dead.

Somehow I stuck it out, learned the methods I now share with my clients, and honestly figured it out.

From nearly losing it all (wife threatened divorce, kids acting absolutely horribly because of my anger, business almost imploding because I was so depressed with it all)…

To having a thriving marriage of 10+ years, amazing relationships with my 3 sons (and another on the way!), and waking up full of gratitude and excitement, NOT dread.

If you want to join guys like me and Eric and turn your angry life around, join me inside the Yell Less course.

Real-World Results From Other Dads Just Like You…

Before taking this course I was working from old paradigms. Reacting from triggers and yelling instead of regulating my nervous system and responding from a place of compassion understanding and care. I now have tools that support me and allow space for a new way of showing up for myself and my kids.
Wes B.
Before I started this course, I think I was a child in a man’s body. Chasing childish dreams of my youth like freedom, sports and drinking. Selfish with my spare time, angry with my kids for taking it away. I was a child raising children. This course has set me on a path that I am unfathomably grateful for. A path towards being the man that my family needs and my wife deserves. I’m proud of the person I’m becoming!
This course provided tools that resulted in an immediate change in my management of anger, as well as materials and exercises I will continue to utilize beyond the course conclusion.
I am making a conscious effort to use the tools I’m learning, and both my wife and our eldest son (8) have commented on how I’m not yelling or swearing and am more fun.
Ben P.
It has been a big help for getting my triggers under control. Both me and my 1 1/2 y/o sends a big warm thank you hug from Sweden. You work is awesome!
HR Lander

How The Yell Less, Lead More Method Works…

1. You’re angry. Your wife doesn’t respect you. Your kids don’t listen to you and “misbehave” constantly.

2. You sign up today, go through the videos, action steps, and journal prompts…

3. And you come out calm and confident. Your wife gladly supports your leadership. Your kids listen and stop acting out.

Let’s go over your options…

Now that you’re here, you have 2 options.

1. Join me inside the Yell Less, Lead More Parenting Course for Angry Dads, and stop yelling so you can rebuild your relationship with your family.

2. Leave this page, keep trying to figure it out by yourself, and hope that you succeed before it’s too late.

Just to drive the point home here, if you weigh your options and decide to do nothing today, here’s some of the likely outcomes (I work with plenty of dads who only start doing this work after it’s too late…these are real-world examples, not scare tactics):

  • Your wife leaves you (or is unfaithful first, then leaves you)
  • Your kids act out and make your life way harder because they’re scared of you
  • Your kids eventually become teenagers, leave home, and never want to talk to you again
  • You get a divorce and have to pay child support and/or 50% of your assets
  • Your kids are super messed up from having an angry dad yell at them their whole lives, and you have to pay for therapy for them (or worse, they take matters into their own hands and OD…seen it happen too many times)

And even if NONE of the above happen…

You still have to live in your own head every single day, hating how guilty and shameful you feel about the way you act, and wondering why you can’t get your anger under control.

Wife and kids distant, major guilt, just feeling like garbage allll the time. Tell me you don’t already know how bad that feels.

Anyway, here’s what’s real…

I’m blessed to work with a lot of entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders who invest thousands of dollars into their growth as a man, husband, and father, through my more intensive, hands-on, coaching programs.

I love working directly with dads more than anything, and the results are insane.

BUT, it hurts me every single time I hear from a dad who’s struggling with his family but feels like he can’t easily make the few thousand dollar commitment (still a steal, considering the consequences of inaction I laid out above) to work together.

That led me to creating this self-directed training course for angry dads.

I’ve taken my 9+ year struggle of figuring this all out and condensed it down into a short, action-packed course with ONLY the things that worked, that’ll have you yelling less and leading more in your family in less than 3 months (with only an hour or two of study and coursework each week), for less than the price of a single month of marriage therapy.

You can learn the exact tools and process I used (and hundreds of other dads have used) to:

  • Stop yelling,
  • Get your anger under control, and
  • Start building real, connected, respectful, and loving relationships with your wife and kids


This is stuff dads are spending thousands of dollars to have me teach them directly, but you can get it all here for only $497 $297 by choosing to go through the self-paced video course.

I’ve spent more on “intro” coaching / therapy sessions where the only point is to get the other person up-to-speed on my problems.

NOTE FOR SEPT 2022: This course is usually priced at $497 but with the start of school, sports, and the new Fall routine, I know a lot of dads who need this help now more than ever…before the stressors pile up even more. For a limited time I’m going to test this out at only $297, but it won’t stay that way.

Stop Letting Your Rage Destroy Your Family with the Yell Less, Lead More Parenting Course for Angry Dads

1. You’ll get immediate access to 40+ videos spread over 10 modules, guiding you to yell less, lead more, and parent confidently.

2. Each module has at least one action step to implement which ensures you’re not just “thinking” about doing this, but ACTUALLY doing the work required to improve. (Like The Daily 2, my life-changing 15-minute morning routine which you’ll learn right off the bat.)

3. Each module has journal prompts, which is basically like having me coach you by asking you deep, probing questions that will have you learning more about yourself and your anger than you ever thought possible, so you can finally get a grip on it and stop yelling.

4. Complete one module per week, perform the action step and the journal prompts, and watch as you start to yell less, lead more, and become a world-class man, husband, and father.

➡️ 10 Module Video Training Course

➡️ Dozens of Journal Prompts To Get To The ROOT of Your Anger (like having a personal coach guide you)

➡️ “The Daily 2” (my 15-minute trick to drastically reduce your anger)

➡️ Extra Resources to Deep Dive on Each Topic

➡️ The Calm Communication Formula for Angry Dads (works with your wife AND kids)

➡️ Action Steps for Each Module (Add Specific Skills Each Week)

➡️ Facebook Community To Get Support and Brotherhood

➡️ Step-by-Step Plan To Go From Angry Dad to Awesome Dad in Under 90 Days (not the 9+ years it’s taken me)

➡️ Only $497 $297

Join Today To Stop Yelling And Start Leading in 70 Days for Only $297


How To Join The Course

If you’re ready to yell less, lead more, and save your family from the destruction your anger is causing, here’s how to join the course and get instant access to tools that’ll change your life:

STEP 1.) Commit to TODAY being the final day that you let your anger and yelling control your life

STEP 2.) Fill out the form above and click the green button to sign up

STEP 3.) Check your email for your course login details and get started today

No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee

If you take the course, do all the journaling, do all the action steps and don’t yell less by the end of it, I’ll send you your money back, no questions asked.

Just email me and let me know. There is literally zero risk in making this decision today, and infinite upside.

Let’s Compare The Alternatives…

Look, $297 for a course that’ll change your life is peanuts compared to the alternative of doing nothing. But, that’s not to say money just grows on trees, so here are some of the alternatives…


Forbes reports that the average therapy session is $100-200 PER SESSION.

I don’t know anyone who goes to therapy for one or two sessions and sees results, and the numbers I found on a quick Google search (plus knowing many guys who have gone through therapy) show that it can take between 6 and 40+ sessions to see results.

On the low side, that’s $600. On the high side, it’s literally $8000+.

Obviously this course is not therapy, but if your goal is to yell less, consistently…the course will work.

And hey, maybe it’s not you who needs therapy, but your kids…or your wife…because of your yelling.


I coach men individually for a minimum of $1,000/month.

I’m personally part of coaching programs that cost nearly $10,000.

They work, and they’re more of an investment.

Figuring It Out On Your Own

Now, on the off chance you find all the information you need for free (highly unlikely), it’ll probably take you years to figure this out. Ask me how I know. I went down this path myself because I didn’t know there were courses, coaches, etc. for a long time.

More likely, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on books, workshops, experiences, journals, etc. None of which are guaranteed to work.

All of which run the risk of taking too long for you to figure out, and having it be “too late”. Your wife gets fed up and leaves. You lose all influence with your kids.

I don’t want to see you go down this path, because I know how scary it can get, having nearly been there myself, and having worked with a lot of men for whom this was a reality.

I’m confident that this is THE best value decision you can make, and with the 100% guarantee, I’ve tried to make it a no-brainer.

More Real-World Results

I jumped on this class because my wife and kids were seeing the scary side of my anger when I’d yell increasingly more often. Curt breaks it all down in ways that make so much sense – by describing what’s happening in an empathetic way and offering specific tools on how exactly to change. The work is hard, and the content is just the stepping stone into it — be prepared to commit to become a better version of yourself. It’s worth it.
This has resulted in better communication with my wife and kids. I have been able to show up better for my kids and even help them process their own emotions based on what I have learned. I understand that the pain and suffering we may experience may never fully go away. However, with the help of Curt, Dad.Work, and the other men, I have been provided new tips, tricks, ideas to help me carry and manage this weight, so I can show up better in relationships.
Tim S.
This course was full of easy to remember and actionable content I could learn and implement on a busy schedule. It allowed me to understand what I was doing ok, and what is a definitely no-no. I feel I am now more aware of where I need to point towards in marriage and the baby education instead of feel dragged into the situations.
I have learned some really good ways to process and avoid anger. It helped remind me to put my child first.
D. Rempel
I didn’t feel like a dad before and I was getting frustrated and angry with my family and myself without knowing the deeper why of my anger.  After working with my therapist and Curt and the group, I feel like a great dad for the first time in 5 years! I now have the mental tools to love my son and hold space for him, even when he’s having a meltdown, and that is worth every drop of the work.
Hey Curt, I wanted to message you and let you know that I had a big breakthrough today. My three-year-old had made a massive mess in our house while I was working at home in my office. He threw dirt from our house plants everywhere, he spilled and threw a big box of crayons everywhere, he threw some barbecue sauce because he was mad. This is one of my biggest triggers with my kids. It’s something that I would have totally freaked out about by yelling and screaming and running around trying to clean everything up as fast as possible. My central nervous system would be totally shot. But today I remained totally calm and cool. I had no negative reaction at all to this. I was able to recognize that he didn’t do this to be malicious and he wasn’t doing this to me but that he was perhaps bored or wasn’t getting attention and also I’m sure just exploring his environment because he is three.

Today I set intention and gratitude, I also did your Daily 2 Visualization. I feel like this was a huge part in my success today. I’ve just gone through module two and that is my focus for this week. I wanted to let you know how much of an impact this has made in my life so far it’s really incredible and has exceeded all expectations that I had going in. I am so grateful for this course you’ve put together, I will be sharing it with as many dads as I can.

Now, most guys will hesitate here…

“Will this work for me?”

“Easy for Curt to say, he doesn’t know MY situation.”

“I don’t have time for this…”

I get it. It’s hard to even imagine that you could stop yelling and start leading your family from a place of calm.

I felt that way for years before things finally started to click.

But here’s the deal…

I have seen this work time and time and time again.

First with myself. Remember, the reason I know all of this stuff is because it literally saved my life. I learned it the hard way, and I’ve taken the BEST of what I’ve learned, left out the rest, and have presented it in this course so that you can join me as a success story.

I’ve also seen this work with countless other men. Scroll back up to read the testimonials. This stuff works.

Growth mindset is absolutely vital for success in life, and it’s something I’m teaching my kids, and I hope you are, too. But that growth mindset applies to us, too.

You CAN change the way you think, live, and react. It’s simply a fact of life. Go look up research on growth mindset if you haven’t heard of it before.

It will work for you (and if it doesn’t, at least you’ll learn some new tools, and I’ll give you a refund. No harm no foul. Highly doubtful, but hey, here’s your safety net).

I don’t know your exact situation, but I’ve worked with hundreds of men over the past year and have come to realize that most men THINK they are unique…that their struggles are theirs alone…that no one understands. Turns out that’s a lie. MOST men can relate to each other…even in the most unlikely of ways.

And hey, if you think you don’t have time, try doing nothing, and see how much time you waste screaming, feeling guilty, and having your kids act out because they’re scared of you. That’s WAY more time consuming than a few hours over the course of the next 10 weeks.

About Dad.Work

I started Dad.Work to help dads who, like me, struggled with anger, not knowing how to parent, not being a great husband, and generally feeling lost.

My goal is to create a world full of dads who are easier to love, harder to kill, and fully capable and prepared to lead their families. In turn, we’ll raise kids who are calm, confident, compassionate, kind, and who will make the world a better place.

This is born out of my own struggles…scaring my kids, being threatened with divorce, wanting to kill myself at multiple points along the way.

I don’t want that for any dad.

Nearly 50,000 men follow our work on Instagram. Thousands more listen to the podcast every month. Hundreds of men work with us to become better men, husbands, and fathers through our programs, courses, and coaching methods.

I went from among the worst dads in the world, hating my life more often than not, to being a calm, confident leader who wakes up every day excited and grateful for the opportunity love and lead my family, no longer controlled by my anger and yelling.

I’d love to have you join us. If you have any questions, just email me at


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